Orchids International launches ‘#Safekhushiyabaato’ campaign


Orchids International, a leading hygiene manufacturers launched their first ever Diwali campaign #SafeKhushiyaanBaato and their video depicts the story of all our lives this year in a beautifully shot video. The DVC shows a family that longs the feeling of festive togetherness post the lockdown and how Orchids’ Suraksha Kavach gives them the reunion and the ability to celebrate Diwali in all its glory!

Curated by Brand Sentry, the campaign launched on Social Media and roped in influencers across categories that spoke about integrating the Suraksha Kavach as safe gifting option that will not only be cherished by your loved ones but will also give them the protection they deserve amidst the pandemic.

Orchids International understood and tapped into a very different side of gifting with this campaign and hamper. Diwali is a time when people spend a huge chunk of money in indulging their loved ones with sweets and gifts and with Suraksha Kavach Orchids have created an opportunity to help us gift each other safety and hygiene, the most important gift in the middle of a pandemic.

The idea that most people in our country have been deprived of the company of their family and friends this year, Diwali can be an opportunity for them to reunite keeping safety at centre of their priority with Suraksha Kavach being the enablers.

The unique offerings of Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser, Air Humidifier, Pen Sanitizers and Hand Rub sachets packed with a whole lot of love makes this a thoughtful and attractive gifting option.

Kumail-Vakil-Director-Orchids-International.jpgKumail Vakil, Director, Orchids International, said, “We wanted to bring something unique to the market this season and enable our customers at large to have the Diwali they would if not for the Pandemic.

“#SafeKhushiyaanBaato is a step towards a safer way of celebrating festivals and choosing gifts that enable people around us to stay safe and choose the gift of safety and life in the middle of the pandemic with our Suraksha Kavach,” Vakil said.

Vishakha-Mota-Co-Founder-Brand-Sentry.jpgVishakha Mota, Co-Founder, Brand Sentry, said, “The thought of Suraksha Kavach came to us very organically, this year needs a ray of hope even with the marketing and communications and that’s where #SafeKhusiyaanBaato comes from. We wanted to create conversations across all mediums on how relevant, topical and important it is to pick a gift that is going to count and make a difference.

“This campaign is more than just a Diwali communication, this campaign is about changing the way we look at the concept of gifting and festivals at large and it couldn’t have been more in sync with the current time,” Mota added.

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