Open your own modern grocery store with Express Stores


Retailing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy. As one of the nation’s largest employers, the retail industry provides excellent business opportunities. Amid salary cuts, layoffs and downsizing of businesses, Express Stores is providing an opportunity for the people who lost their job, running small shops, fuel station operators, delivery staff, etc who not only need an alternate source of income, but also truly earn a lot more than their current income.

Express Stores helps such enthusiastic entrepreneurs to open their own Kiranas. The company will provide the entire set up of the shop, supply of the products, POS machine for billing, card machines, right and competitive pricing than regular Kiranas. The company powered stores see profit from the first month itself.

Express Stores are calling out people who want to join them and earn stupendous income while earning pride in running their own business and can give a missed call on this number 8951395659.

Image-Apoorv-Jain-Co-founder-CEO-at-Express-Stores-mediabrief.jpgApoorv Jain, Co-founder & CEO at Express Stores, said, “it is crucial for retailers to know how to run a grocery store business correctly. The biggest problem of small Kiranas is that they are not modern, variety of products and consistent supply of products.

“We are providing a solution to this problem where the people will get modern supermarkets like neighborhood grocery stores, where we will take care of each and every requirement and support to the retailers.

“The retailer just needs to sit and run the store and manage consumers relationships with profitability from the first month itself. Consumers need modern shopping experience in their neighbourhood while retailers need hassle-free, profitable business operations. Express Stores, with its 360-degree solution, provides solutions to all such problems,” Jain said.