After-sales service provider Onsitego vaccinates 70% employees


Onsitego, a leading brand in after-sales services of devices and appliances has vaccinated 70% of its employees across the country and aims to vaccinate the remaining staff in the coming months.

Keeping the employees at the center of the business and to safeguard their health, Onsitego had voluntarily kept their engineers away from the field during the recent outbreak of the second wave. The company has a current staff strength of 1100 employees and the vaccination drive is extended to their immediate family members as well.

The vaccination drive is being carried out in collaboration with local health care providers in all major cities around the country. Those employees who have previously received vaccinations or who intend to do so in the future can take advantage of this initiative to reimburse the expenditure related to the vaccine dosage.

Furthermore, the organization has opted to continue with its “Onsitego Cares Fund,” which allows selected service partners to get interest-free funds that may be repaid at any time, as well as employees to receive financial assistance through the same initiative.

Employees who earn less than the qualifying threshold are eligible for up to seven days of compensation. This is not advance against salary and employees who utilise this fund are not required to reimburse the amount.

image-Kunal Mahipal, CEO of Onsitego-MediaBrief.jpg

Kunal Mahipal, CEO, Onsitego, said, “Our employees are our most valuable asset and their health and wellbeing are of utmost importance for us.

“We have come up with various employee-friendly initiatives even in the past and have been frequently imparting best practices on health and safety to all our employees. We hope to get all our employees vaccinated at the earliest.”

Onsitego is India’s leading after-sales services company, transforming the ownership experience of consumer devices and appliances by delivering consistent and predictable post-purchase services.