OneCulture, an innovative co-working space collaborates with top notch rap artist Karma

image-OneCulture with top notch rap artist Karma MediabriefOneCulture, a unified co-working space with various amenities for corporates and professionals, collaborates with the new-age rap artist, Karma. The rapper based in Doon is known to stir a buzz amongst the crowd as he acknowledges societal and social concerns through his art. In line with brand’s mission to maintain a strong community of happy professionals, it takes the right foot forward to curate a rap anthem highlighting the core ideology of the brand to further leave an impact on the audience. Hitting the right notes to steer the millennial society, the rap song narrates the essence of social responsibilities, an embodiment of good Karma and togetherness to create an active community. 

OneCulture understands how the routine of a millennial could stress them out and consume most of their time, leaving no window for them to address their overall well-being. Addressing their daily needs, the brand is not only creating an innovative space to collaborate and integrate but also maintains a community of likeminded professionals working with the same synergy. Its workspaces allow a breather to professionals to nurture their wellness alongside their work; the rap-video casts light on the intent to build a collaborative co-working space that boosts the comprehensive growth of the individuals.

Speaking on the collaboration, Abhilash Shukla, Founder & CEO, says, Rap music is becoming young India’s most preferred genre, inspiring millennials to test their potential at the fullest. Innovation being one of the most significant aspects of our company helped us to co-create the rap anthem to resonate with our ideology and create an everlasting impact on OneCulture’s community. Imbibing the culture of oneness, we are working towards creating a better world to work and live in.

Our effort in showcasing the other side of our brand through an entreating medium will surely translate into transforming the image of co-working spaces to closely-knit communities.” Conveying the same message subtly, the video aims to connect with the generation of today and reflect their struggles, their way.”

The brand understands how professionals have distinctive working styles and aspire to be dynamic and creative with their approach which is only possible if they refuel themselves from time to time with much-needed breathers. 

With the video, the brand intends to redefine work culture as it ups the game with its contemporary approach and social values. Focusing on building one culture of togetherness under the same roof and integrating communities together while encouraging the comprehensive growth of one and all, OneCulture works towards creating innovative and collaborative workspaces.

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