Ogilvy, Perfetti launch new campaign ‘Spreading smiles since 1994’


Perfetti Van Melle India, a confectionery company operates through many brands but has a singular core ides, that is to spread smiles and laughter.

Through their brands that seek to preserve childlike fun and spontaneity, up-lift moods to keep childhood stress-free or offer small pleasures that keep homes & families light-hearted. Perfetti’s house of brands are a pocketful of joy.

Through the initiative, they wanted to reach out to their large family of consumers with the message of staying optimistic, being hopeful about the future, even when the present seems challenging.

Moreover, Perfetti wanted to leave the viewers with a simple message of hope i.e. if one can find their smile, one can find their way through these challenging times. Because a smile, while it may seem simple, goes a long way in keeping optimism, and resilience alive.

Conceptualized by Perfetti Van Melle India & Ogilvy India, in the film, the world is likened to a small girl named duniya (a metaphor for the world) who is shut inside and feeling disconnected. But on discovering a candy in a box, her world magically lights up.  With a heart-warming treatment, the film closes on the message “We will smile again” brought by Perfetti “Spreading smiles since 1994”.

image-Rohit-Kapoor-Director-Marketing-India-Perfetti-Van-Melle-MediaBrief.jpgRohit Kapoor, Director Marketing (India), Perfetti Van Melle, said,  We want to leave the viewers with a simple message of hope, i.e., if we can find our smile, we can find our way through this tough period. And like the girl, who returns to her usual joyful state, we believe the world will also find its laughter once again.

The Alpenliebe in the little girl’s hand, is symbolic to Perfetti India, a sweet candy that can quickly lighten up a child’s face.

Anurag Agnihotri, Managing Partner-Creative, Ogilvy Mumbai: The brand wanted to do a message of hope in the context of what we all are facing right now. Because this message was coming from a confectionery brand, we took care that the ad must belong to the category in an authentic manner.

“A kid is so happy to see a candy and we sort of used that as a metaphor to say we all will smile again. We devised the element of magic, in a fairy tale way, where candy is just a symbol of brightness and magic.

“We brought in magic dust etc in terms of execution. There is so much uncertainty and we must tell each other to keep faith and that everything will be fine again,” Agnihotri said.

The film is currently on air across all social media platforms and has garnered some good reviews and over 4 million views so far.


Chief Creative Officers, India: Kainaz Karmakar, Harshad Rajadhyaksha and Sukesh Nayak

Creative Team: Anurag Agnihotri and Shahrukh Irani

Brand Planning: Vandana Nath

Account Management Team: Shouvik Roy, Ranjeev Vij, Aditi Sobti and Suraj Dikonda

Production House: Good Morning Films                  

Director: Shashank Chaturvedi

Producer: Robin D’Cruz

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