Ogilvy India creates ‘Boys are Back’ campaign for Hercules


Ogilvy India-South launched a campaign for Hercules today.  ‘Boys are Back’ is the new campaign created for Hercules bicycles. This communication piece works around the following insight: the moment the restrictions are relaxed and there is an opportunity for mischief, the boys will grab it.

Due to the current extraordinary circumstances, kids have been forced to stay indoors. This is against the very DNA of young boys. The ad taps into this very mentality, the urge to go out and do the things boys do.

image-Nikhil-Narayanan-Copywriter-Creative-Director-Ogilvy-mediabrief.jpgNikhil Narayanan, Creative Director, Ogilvy India – South, said,  “We conceptualised this film by summoning the ‘inner boy’ in all of us and tweaking it to make it relatable to today’s generation. The task was fun and it will be evident in the film. Because let’s face it, given a choice, every one of us would love to relive our mischievous childhood adventures. And that’s what Hercules is all about.”

The objective of this communication was straightforward. When boys who are raring to go are finally unleased, Hercules bicycles should be their partner in adventure.

What happens when the boys are finally back? That’s what the film captures. It shows a city in the wake of the return of the young mischief-makers.

Genesis of the idea: Boys will be boys. There is no debate over that. Circumstances might have confined them to the four walls of their homes, but inside, there is a storm brewing that is waiting to wreak havoc.

Image-Sushant-Jena-Senior-VP-TI-Cycles-of-India-mediabrief.jpgSushant Jena, Senior VP, TI Cycles of India: Brand Hercules stands for challenging norms, taking up new adventures and living life to the fullest. Over the past few years, we have advocated that our customers “Ride the Storm” be it any difficulties and challenges the world throws at them or the fact that they are “Made for More”.

“The past year has been challenging for everyone, especially the youngsters who have been forced to stay inside and adapt to the new normal. “Boys are Back” is an ode to summers and riding their cycles, reminding them they have what it takes since the beginning. That, there has never been room for doubts in their capabilities,” Jena added.


  • Client: Hercules
  • Creative Agency: Ogilvy India – South 
  • Creative: Mahesh Gharat & Kiran Anthony (Chief Creative Officers)
  • Nikhil Narayanan, Vidyanath PA, Sharat Kuttikat and George Kovoor 
  • Account Management: Tithi Ghosh, Malavika C 
  • Planning: Divyoshri Chatterjee 
  • Social Media Manager: Akshi Ghosh
  • Production house: Little Giant Films