News Nation recently launched its new show Vijayi Bhava, the show discusses the use of technology in the weapons of war. It describes the weapons of 5th Generation based on modern technology and shows how in this ever changing world the Indian Army is keeping pace with the prominence on the 5th Generation weapons.

The show describes how modern technology is being adopted in all the three services of the Indian Army, whether it is modern weapons, or tanks, submarines or fighter planes, robotics or artificial intelligence

Vijayi Bhava also showcases the reports related to India’s defence readiness and discusses the current and future challenges.

The highlights of the show is its content as well as its great thematic presentation on the backdrop of India Gate with some astounding graphical representation of the weapons, which makes the show a must watch.It is a half-hour program hosted by Anchor Rakesh Pandey, which broadcast every Saturday at 10 pm &Sunday morning at 10.30 am.

image-Abhay-Ojha-President-Sales-Marketing-News-Nation-MediaBrief.jpgAbhay Ojha, President- Sales & Marketing, News Nation, said, “sponsors are keenly watching the show and we got positive feelers of the show from client and agencies, we are hopeful of closing some sponsors soon”.

Watch Vijayi Bhava every Saturday 10 pm and Sunday morning 10.30 am.

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