Need for better mental health amidst the pandemic turn users to spiritual gurus on Koo


As healthcare experts look for answers to address mental health issues around the world, users on Koo have turned to spiritual gurus to seek guidance and tips for better mental health. Responding to this need, the spiritual gurus have been regularly sharing koos on topics related to mental wellness.

Well known spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (@Gurudev on Koo) regularly shares posts on how meditation relieves stress and depression. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar recently shared initiatives by The Art of Living to train youth across India in various mindfulness techniques.

Yogi and spiritual leader Sadhguru (@sadhguruhindi on Koo) regularly shares thoughts on the spiritual benefits of Yoga and meditation. Posting in multiple languages, Sadhguru has a considerable follower base in the Hindi, English, Kannada and Telugu communities.

An avid advocate of Yoga and Ayurveda, Baba Ramdev (@swamiramdev on Koo) talks about various techniques of Yoga to cure common ailments like heart blockage.

Motivational speaker, life coach and wellness advisor, Gaur Gopal Das (@gaurgopald on Koo) has recently joined Koo and been striking conversations around the need for training the mind to be in the present and ward off anxiety about the future.

Member of the Brahma Kumari movement and spiritual guide BK Shivani (@BKShivani on Koo) talks about the importance of strengthening the mind and body.

With the leading spiritual leaders of the country turning to Koo to engage their followers across India in various languages, there are strong signs of hope to manage issues related to mental wellness and overall wellbeing in these tough times.