mPokket, the instant loan app providing loans to college students and young working professionals – launched its campaign, “This Valentine’s Day, Love Yourself”. At a time when the Instant Loans industry is in turmoil, mPokket is supporting a cause that helps humanize the brand.

With this campaign, mPokket emerges as an approachable brand strong enough to stand up and be the voice of a cause that resonates with the masses, especially teenagers and young working professionals.

The campaign theme revolves around “How Self-love is not being selfish; it’s about putting yourself first and not being too tough on yourself”. It’s about knowing how to forgive yourself, not being harsh when one makes mistakes but taking it with a pinch of salt and, most importantly, not feeling guilty about putting yourself ahead of others.

Image-Gaurav-Jalan-CEO-Founder-mPokket-mediabrief.jpgGaurav Jalan, CEO & Founder, mPokket, said, “At mPokket, the campaign is close to our hearts as it aims to empower all of us to take a leap of faith and empathize with ourselves in these turbulent times. Given the approach of our campaign, the creative route is used in engaging with real people and having them interact with themselves in a positive manner before a mirror.

“One might wonder:  what’s the importance of a mirror in this campaign and our overall thought process? Here, the mirror represents the reflection of the person standing before it. But how often do we stand before a mirror and feel content about seeing our reflection? In our rush of daily life, the only seemingly important thing is how “others” perceive us.

“Are we looking good? Are we perfect as others expect us to be? Subconsciously, whenever we stand before a mirror, it’s always with the need to please the other person rather than accepting ourselves as we are. In this campaign, the Mirror is the protagonist through which we will narrate our story.

“It’s easy to talk about self-love and self-appreciation before others, but the same conversation changes before our reflection. Now, we hope to drive the much-needed conversation about self-love, which is ignored when battling all odds in keeping up with today’s fast-paced lifestyles,” Jalan added.

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