IMAGE-RAVE REVIEWS FOR RADHE RELEASE BY ZEE STUDIOS - MEDIABRIEFGoing by reviews of the film from several top websites, Zee Studios’ release of Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai is likely to deliver strong value to the biggest Bollywood release of the year. The reviews on top entertainment publications like India Today, Jagran Hindi, Bhaskar Hindi, Pink Villa and Aaj Tak Hindi are five strong reasons to watch the film

India Today has described it as Unstoppable & Unbeatable!,  Aaj Tak Hindi says: ‘If there’s one thing that director Prabhudeva and super star Salman Khan are confident about, it’s how to make audiences happy. Their popular brand of entertainers are full of gripping drama, stylish action, seeti-maro dialogues, chartbusting music and heroic swag and Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai is no exception.’

PinkVilla sums it up in this way: ‘That the good will win over the bad is a given but the journey towards the climax is super entertaining with a larger-than-life heroic Salman Khan. A date with Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai is just what you need to forget the onslaught of the ongoing pandemic and spread some much-wanted cheer.’

Bhaskar Hindi says Radhe is… ‘a massy actioner with a commitment to thrill and chill… A Salman Khan brand of entertainment where EQ scores over IQ’.

And rounding up the set of reviews from some of the top entertainment portals (listed here in no specific order) is what Dainik Jagran has headlined as ‘Salman Khan provides the Much-Wanted Entertainment in Covid Times’.

Here are some more extracts from the reviews that highlight noteworthy aspects of Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai

image India Today mediabriefIndia Today writes: ‘So, we have Eid and Salman Khan back again, and to make the festive occasion more memorable like every year as per Bhai’s commitment, this year we have ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’. SALMANIA is back to reign supreme – this time more importantly to rule people’s hearts than the box office.

‘Not to forget, it was Salman’s commitment to entertain the audience and especially his ardent fans on Eid, and mind it, he does entertain and how!’

‘Villain Randeep Hooda sends shivers down the spine of the audience. And Jackie Shroff is a scene-stealer as Salman’s senior cop. It’s quite refreshing to see Jackie in a humorous avatar, especially having enjoyed his tough cop roles in superhit films over the years. Besides upping the glam quotient with her sizzling chemistry with Salman, Disha impresses with her acting skills and you would definitely want her to be seen paired opposite superstars!

If you have enjoyed the swag, style and entertainment in ‘Wanted’, then ‘Radhe – Your Most Wanted Bhai’ is the movie for you.’

image dainik jagran logo on mediabriefJagran Hindi
has said: ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. Set against the backdrop of drug mafia in Mumbai, the film starts with Salman aka Radhe making a commitment to a kid who has lost his friend to drug overdose recently to “clean the city”. The story builds up as he begins to discover the maniac that Randeep Hooda aka Rana is and his will to take over Mumbai to make it the drug capital of India. ‘Prabhudeva and his team establish the strengths of Radhe and Rana in the first 20 minutes of the film and promise a race of one-up-manship all through the runtime.

The narrative is fast paced with a runtime of just 1 hour 54 minutes, and the makers have smartly entangled the story with right amount of action, thrill, drama, emotion, romance and more importantly comedy. It’s a well packaged, having all the elements that Salman Khan films are known for.

‘While Radhe’s romance with Disha Patani aka Diya is fresh, and charismatic, the banter between the lead character with his senior, Jackie Shroff brings the house down with laughter.

‘The highlight of the film is however the fight to the finish between Radhe and Rana. The negative lead of the film makes the hero even more powerful, and this is among the better written antagonist roles in a Salman film.’

image pinkvilla logo on mediabriefPink Villa writes, ‘The film is packed with world-class action sequences directed by the Korean expert Myeong Haeng Heo and the Anbariv Brothers. Salman takes his action game notches higher in this film and is a treat to watch. He carries the action and romance with equal elan. And his comic timing needs a special mention. Disha and Salman’s chemistry sizzles on screen especially during the songs that are also an highlight of the film. The sultry Jacqueline Fernandez in Dil De Diya song adds that extra oomph.’

image bhaskar hindi logo mediabriefBhaskar Hindi writes, ‘The team of Prabhu Deva and Salman Khan return with their daredevil cop to eradicate crime, in particular rampant drug abuse that is turning the City  of Dreams into a City of Nightmares. The decision follows a high-level meeting chaired by Mumbai’s Commissioner of Police after a youngster jumps to his death following a mind-bending narcotic fix. And so 12 years after Wanted, Radhe is back to “encounter” Rana and Dagru Bhau who have replaced Golden Bhai and Gani Bhai in the city’s dark underworld.

‘While Rana—Randeep Hooda as a never-seen-before blackguard sporting Lochinvar locks and a swishy trenchcoat—is a man of few words who kills without remorse, Dagru played by Marathi actor Pravin Tarde prefers wisecracks to cracking bones but is as dangerous a foe.’

‘The gallery of rogues, each distinctive in his own way, give Salman’s Radhe plenty of reasons to go wham-bang as he sets about his clean-up operation with his trademark swag and swagger. This is no-holds-barred, adrenaline-pumping action with cars colliding, helicopters exploding, fists flying and guns firing. The stunts designed by Korean action director Myeong Haeng Heo keep you on the edge of your seat while the baddies go bust. As against this stylized action, the climax coordinated by National Award-winning KGF duo Anbariv, is more hard-hitting and in keeping with Salman’s larger-than-life heroic image leaving his fans with a sense of elation as Bhai single-handedly decimates the baddies.’

image aaj tak hindi logo on mediabriefAaj Tak Hindi
writes, ‘The fine ensemble cast of Disha Patani, Randeep Hooda, Jackie Shroff, Gautam Gulati, Pravin Tawde, Govind Namdeo, Sudhanshu Pandey and others back up Salman in his action mode to a great degree – all cast to perfection. Salman battles against ruthless gangsters (Randeep Hooda and Gautam Gulati), immoral businessmen (Sudhanshu Roy Arjun Kanungo and local gangs (led by Marathi actor) Pravin Tawde who has a henchman called Dagru Bhau is a slick blend of action, comedy and controlled violence. One of the highlights are the action scenes between Salman and one of the major antagonists on the movie – Bhutan’s former royal guard Sangay Tsheltrim, who is making his Bollywood debut in Radhe.’

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