‘There’s more to a girl’s life than Shaadi’, says MTV this Women’s Day


Its 2021 and we see women ruling the roost and conquering the world in every role- from a political leader to a bank manager to a teacher, a corporate leader to an army officer, amongst many others. But closer to home, if there is one question that keeps them tongue-tied, it is – “Beta, Shaadi Kab Karogi?”

This universal question by Mummy, Papa and all the annoying Rishtedaars continue to be a pertinent problem, and its high time we shatter these age-old conventions. This International Women’s Day, MTV puts it out loud, “There’s more to a girl’s life than Shaadi”, with a fine blend of quirk and impact.

The Women’s Day brand film by MTV opens to an unusual futuristic setting at a spaceship, where a woman is in conversation with her mother about her invention. While the girl boasts about her challenges of surviving and her life-altering achievement in a span of 2 years, the mother ignorantly puts a ‘but’ in the conversation to ask her, “Par Shaadi Kab Karogi?”.

Unfazed by her daughter’s response to this, she goes on to say, “Waise toh we are open minded, but humari community ka ho toh BEST hoga”. Bewildered and angered, the girl is seen to be walking away while the mother goes on to talk of her prospects of marriage.

So, this Women’s Day, celebrate the spirit of womanhood and smash stereotypes, the MTV way!