Mohanlal shares his list of favourite must-watch Malayalam movies with IMDb


Mohanlal reveals some of his top Malayalam cinema picks with IMDb during an interview. The veteran actor, who recently announced his directorial debut Barroz, also shares the actors who inspired him early on his career.

At a time when society and audiences weren’t ready for certain conversations, Mohanlal, whose career spans over a multitude of films across four decades, took up roles that were way ahead of their time.

“I have done a film on bipolar disorder called Vadakkum Nathan; I’ve done one on Alzheimer’s, Thanmathra: it’s much ahead of its time. Paralysis in Pranayam; I have played a psychiatrist in Manichitrathazhu, and UlladakkamThalavattam, of course is a humor-based subject, but it’s again a psychiatric problem. I’ve even done Aham. So it’s all much ahead of its time.”

On the topic of Mohanlal’s top five picks from Malayalam Cinema, He said, “One of my favourite films is Chemmeen. It’s a brilliant film of that time, and the first gold medal we got for Malayalam. Then there’s a brilliant film called Elippathayam, Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s film. And I love my film, I took my film to Cannes, called Vansprastham. Or My Dear Kuttichaatan, it’s a brilliant film. And I’ll say Manichitrathazhu, and Drishyam 2!”

Watch Mohanlal talk about his Must-Watch Malayalam Cinema Picks: here