Valentine’s Day is an opportune moment to celebrate the special and unique love that you share with your significant other.  On the world’s most romantic day, Mitron brings to its users an innovative campaign to celebrate all kinds of love with ‘Will you be my Valentine?’.

With the use of hashtags such as #LoveAajKal, #ItsComplicated, #LimitlessIshq, Mitron is shining a light on the different kinds of love that are prevalent today.  The on-going campaign will be live till 14th February 2021.

Mitron users are invited to share videos based on one of the three hashtags. For those that select #LoveAajKal, they can create videos demonstrating retro love by recreating old love scenarios. They can also showcase millennial love, which paints a picture of how love has evolved and what it represents today.


Whilst videos for #ItsComplicated will comprise rants elaborating on ‘pyaar ek dhoka hai’ or a funny take on couples by single folk. Pining lovers can also share videos to highlight the anguish of one-sided love. For #LimitlessIshq, creators can share amusing videos on mushy love-struck couples.

They can also come up with videos on couples who fight every day due to on/off pyaar or delve into how roadside Romeos fall in love so easily. For the LGBTQ community, #LimitlessIshq can be used to create videos on coming out of the closet to generate awareness on the subject and to encourage openness.

Nisha-Pokhriyal-VP-Marketing-Mitron-TV-scaled.jpgNisha Pokhriyal, VP – Marketing, Mitron said: “The campaign endeavors to promote the message of acceptance and tolerance this Valentine’s Day. We believe that it is important to celebrate and recognize all kinds of love.

“Every love story is unique and special, and we want to give our valued users an opportunity to share their interpretations around the three hashtags. We are excited to see everyone’s take on love and to understand what it means to them,” Pokhriyal added.

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