Mirzapu Season 2: Guddu Pandit sends the Tripathis a special Amazon package

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Guddu Pandit sends a surprise package with a special message for his arch-nemesis – Kaleen Bhaiya and Munna Tripathi

Mirzapur’s Guddu Pandit had a special delivery for his contenders to Mirzapur ki gaddi. The Amazon packages sent to the baahubali Kaleen Bhaiya and his son Munna Tripathi included a surprise message that could be accessed through the blue sticker on the box. 

Munna Tripathi and Kaleen Bhaiya unfazed by Guddu Pandit’s special delivery

Earlier , Mirzapur’s Guddu Pandit, played by Ali Fazal sent a special Amazon delivery to the ‘prince of Mirzapur’, Munna Tripathi and his arch nemesis Kaleen Bhaiya. The package contained a sticker that led to a message by Guddu bhaiya staking claim to Mirzapur ki Gaddi.
Show Synopsis: The world of Mirzapur has become more about power, politics and revenge. It is about conspiracies and people double-crossing each other while carrying guns that they won’t hesitate to use. This season doesn’t stay confined to the violent world of Mirzapur – It takes us to the power corridors where a nexus between politics and criminals prevails.
This season also takes us to a land beyond Mirzapur, a place which has its own set of violent and powerful families running various illegal businesses. The women of Mirzapur have become bolder and more complex.
They will not hesitate in using any means to achieve their goals. Who will win in the end? Is there any one left to challenge the Tripathis? The canvas gets bigger this season, but the rules remain the same – without spilling blood you won’t survive here!

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