MIB directs TV channels to stop airing programmes that promote blind belief and superstition

Image- mib-tv-channels-stop-airing-programmes-promote-superstition-MediaBrief.jpg
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has issued an advisory to TV channels directing them against airing programmes that promote superstition and blind belief.

The ministry has advised TV channels to abide by the Rule 6 (1)(j) of programme code and Rule 7(5) of Advertising Code of the Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994.

In a statement, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, said, “It has come to the attention of the Ministry that some of the TV channels telecast programmes/ advertisements which encourage superstition and blind belief. Miraculous solutions of all problems are offered by the self-proclaimed preachers in the TV programmes/advertisements, which is a violation of rule 6(1)(j) of the programme code and Rule 7(5)  of the advertising code contained in the Cable Television Network Rules, 1994.”

Rule 6(1)(j) of the programme code states that, “No programme can be transmitted/retransmitted through cable service which encourages superstition or blind belief.” And Rule 7(5) contained in Cable Television Network Rules, 1994, states that, “No advertisement shall contain references which are likely to lead the public to infer that the product advertised or any of its ingredients has some special or miraculous or supernatural property or quality, which is difficult of being proved.”

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