MediBuddy records massive growth; provided 1.27cr online consultations in 2020


The Covid-19 outbreak has been a wake-up call for the Indian healthcare system. In the past times, telemedicine has not been used in response to public health crises, but times have evolved. However, in the context of Covid-19, telemedicine has provided quick access to primary healthcare online via call or video.

MediBuddy, records over 1.27Cr medical queries in 2020. The spread of the novel coronavirus has changed the landscape of healthcare consumerism, with patients embracing & engaging with the medical industry via new channels of communication.

India witnessed great significant advancements in the healthcare system. From making reasonable healthcare equipment to facilitating effective patient care, private companies & health tech start-ups in the country are evolving much more and playing a pivotal role in improving the country’s health system.

With the entire medical fraternity coming together to ensure the nation is healthy and not ill. Choosing wellness, over illness has become the new mantra. Patients are no longer passive participants in their health care, they are demanding transparency, convenience, access, and personalized products and services at nominal prices. The average customer satisfaction of 96% on the platform implies that MediBuddy has been able to connect with the public & address their needs.

To address the changing needs, MediBuddy implemented various models such as MediBuddy Gold, a value-based subscription that addresses the healthcare needs of the user & his/her entire family.

A gold user can avail the benefits for consultations, lab tests & delivery of medicine and save up to Rs 9976/- annually. With a subscription-based approach the user addresses every minor & major health issue thus causing a behavioural change of adopting preventive healthcare & wellness over illness.

Via telemedicine, primary health care can be strengthened hence providing timely & accurate guidance to patients. It has been a fulfilling journey so far however MediBuddy believes that this is just the start. While the big cities led the medicine orders MediBuddy’s services, the brand has ensured that even small towns like Bishrampur, Manwath get access to healthcare and medicines & labs.

The digital healthcare platform has partnered with various accredited labs to provide home pick-up of the COVID-19 lab test. Additionally, MediBuddy launched a Coronavirus Risk Assessment Tool to help individuals assess the level of possibility of them being affected.  The digital healthcare platform also introduced a new feature on its app to locate an available bed and ease difficulties.

The MediBuddy COVID-19 Hospital Bed Availability Checker provides complete details regarding the availability of beds in real-time at nearby hospitals for COVID-19 patients.

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