McDonald’s India new TVC highlights how ‘Everything has changed, your favourites haven’t’


The ongoing pandemic has changed many things around us – the way we hang out, the way we get and enjoy our favourite food and even the way we recharge after a long day at work. And while a lot has changed in our lives over the past few months, some things, thankfully, have remained constant.

With this insight, McDonald’s India West and South has launched its new campaign that celebrates the brand’s unwavering commitment to serving safe, hygienic and delicious food to its customers in a changing world.

The campaign also highlights the brand’s convenience channels –including contactless delivery, take out and on-the-go that enable customers to savour their favourite McDonald’s food whenever, wherever and however they like it as well as its heightened safety and hygiene processes across the same.

The brand has launched three heart-warming and impactful TVCs that highlight brand trust and convenience. Conceptualized by DDB Mudra, the TVCs show how despite families not being able to come together like before, on account of the new social distancing norms and the increased sanitization requirements, the joy of enjoying a McDonald’s meal has remained the same.

They also focus on the new convenience channels launched by the brand to ensure that customers continue to get their favourite food in the most safe and convenient way. These TVCs are further customized for different markets across West and South India and will be deployed across a strategic mix of TV and digital in key McDonald’s markets.

The first TVC shows a granddaughter and grandfather enjoying a burger over a video call, a husband playfully waking up his doctor wife who has fallen asleep in the car after a busy day, with a piping hot cup of McCafé coffee and friends using a creative way to share everyone’s favourite McDonald’s French fries in a basket passed from a floor above. These slice of life stories instantly connect with viewers.

The other two TVCs showcase the convenience and safety of the brand’s contactless delivery and take-out channels, which enable customers to experience and share the joy of having delicious McDonald’s food with great convenience and without any worries.

The delivery TVC shows a young boy collecting his order through the brand’s contactless delivery service and gifting a meal to his society’s watchman before heading back home.

The take-out TVC shows a guy, in the middle of an official video call, collecting his lunch from the McDonald’s take-out window.

Arvind RP, Director – Marketing & Communications, McDonald’s India West and South, said, “The ongoing pandemic has brought about significant changes to our lives.  At the same time, it has helped us find new ways to connect, communicate and celebrate little joys of life with our families, friends and with those around us.

“We at McDonald’s have been committed to making these moments special for our customers by ensuring that they can share their joys over our food, without any worries.

“We have not only heightened our world-class safety and hygiene protocols but also launched new ways for customers to access their favourites, in the most convenient and safe way possible. With this campaign, we want to assure our customers that while the world has changed, our commitment to serving them in the best way possible hasn’t,” Arvind added.

Shagun Seda, Creative Head, DDB Mudra West, said, “Midnight snack bingers. Fri-daters. Work lunchers. Coffee cravers. We’ve all missed our comfort food.

“With this campaign being the brand’s first since lockdown, we wanted to assure everyone that, while a lot has changed around us impacting how we get together, share, and bond over our favourites, what hasn’t changed is the taste, safety and memorable moments associated with McDonald’s,” Seda said.

To ensure highest standards of safety and hygiene across all channels, McDonald’s had launched its ‘Golden Guarantee’ platform which ensures a stringent 42- pointer checklist and contactless operations across its dine-in, delivery and take-out services.

Being a leader of innovations in the QSR industry, they have also recently introduced a new On-the-Go feature on their McDelivery app to give customers added convenience of collecting their McDonald’s order without stepping out of their vehicle. With this, they have converted all their restaurants into drive thru outlets to offer maximum safety and convenience effectively to their customers.

Agency Credits:

Creative: Rahul Mathew, Shagun Seda, Ashish Phatak, Vighesh.G, David Vaz, Apurva Muranjan, Rasika Labde, Himani Gandhi

Business: Anurag Tandon, Murli Krishnan, Debjani Roychoudhury, Anchal Bhojwani

Films: Jay Gaikwad

Strategy: Mehak Jaini, Jaiprakash Tekwani, Somdatta RoyChowdhuri, Ronak Shah

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