Max Fashion celebrates journey of womanhood with ‘#YouAreSoBeautifull’ initiative


Womanhood is a beautiful journey that often fleets by and Max Fashion aims to celebrate the important role women play with its “#YouAreSoBeautifull” initiative. Commencing the campaign with a fresh slice-of-life video and on-ground workshops, they are tipping their hat to women for the dynamic roles they play in our society.

Max Fashion celebrates the layers of delicacy that lie in the journey of womanhood beyond the traditional definition of beauty. They recognise that a woman is beautiful as she is, in her everyday life…for what she is! With an optimistic, appreciative narrative, this initiative compliments every woman for being #BeautiFULL.

Envisaged by DViO Digital, the tentpole of the campaign is a heart-warming poetry with a tastefully shot video capturing little moments, often unnoticed, that make the everyday women what she is. The video shuffles between four protagonists, capturing the journey of an early mom, young woman in self-love, bolder counterpart, and a working professional diving into their minds to give them an expression on what makes them ‘beautiFULL’.

Max Fashion’s celebration of womanhood doesn’t just halt at the video but relays into on-ground and online activations right from tech-enabled AR filters to social media takeovers, from brand collaborations, from digital content creation to workshops for woman across 350+ stores in 60 cities Max Fashion stores.

We often overlook women’s contribution to the society be it women who are breaking the glass ceiling and redefining industry standards or be a home maker who puts her family’s need before hers.

We have these women labelled as mother, daughter, boss, friend, wife, sister and more but we forget that womanhood is a journey wherein she is evolving every day, transitioning from one role to the other while writing down her own unique story. This initiative is a fresh take that encapsulates the beauty that lies in the journey of womanhood by appreciating every woman for the diverse roles she plays.

image-Jiten-Mahendra-Senior-Vice-President-Marketing-at-Max-Fashion-mediabrief.jpgJiten Mahendra, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Max Fashion, said, “Celebrating women needs to be redefined from only social causes to also a revelry and jubliance of positvity and happiness. It’s the journey of womanhood that we must honour as she plays so many dynamic roles in our society.

“Max Fashion wants to use this initiative to be a catalyst for women to celebrate and be celebrated! We also want to make a bigger change with the vocabulary while describing someone as powerful yet having a softer side or while she is juggling work and home with ease to acknowledging the roles she plays so deftly!

“We collaborated with DViO Digital and Sowmya being a woman to reckon with herself, effortlessly connected with this initiative which transcends beyond this video,” Mahendra added.

Sowmya-Iyer-Founder-CEO-DViO-Digital-e1614670277460.jpegSowmya Iyer, CEO & Founder of DViO Digital, said, “Every day is a women’s day! The choice of creative treatment was keeping in mind that small gestures of recognition and celebration have a cascading euphoric feeling. When recognized, it can have a positive impact and also a change agent for the woman and the orbit around her.

“This starting point of paying a compliment to women or celebrating the joie-de-vivre translated to a beautiful initiative that celebrates the journey of womanhood and the role they play in their daily life.

“We hope to see this spread far and wide and thank every woman who does and makes life so effortless. The initial response has been very encouraging, and we hope to only elevate it from hereon,” Iyer added.

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