MARS Petcare launches PEDIGREE’s Tasty Minis and Rodeo Treats in India


MARS Petcare, the world’s leading pet food company, is launching a range of snackable, chewy treats in India. These delicious treats are ideal to train, reward or pamper dogs and are sure to get them wagging. The products in this range are recognised globally as a healthier alternative to table scraps, animal bones or biscuits that are meant for humans.

The range includes Tasty Minis Puppy, Tasty Minis Adult, Rodeo, Rodeo Duos and Jumbone Mini, all of which contain Omega 3, Vitamin E to support natural defences and Calcium to help strengthen bones. These treats are also free from artificial colours and flavours.While Tasty Minis are less than 12 kcal per treat, Rodeo and Jumbone Mini have less than 5% fat/100 gm.

image-Ganesh-Ramani-General-Manager-Mars-PetCare-MediaBrief.jpgGanesh Ramani, General Manager, MARS Petcare India, said, “Along with a balanced diet, dog treats help strengthen the bond between dogs and pet parents. So, we are very excited to launch PEDIGREE®’s Tasty Minis & Rodeo Treats in India.

“These treats are tasty, bite-sized, soft and chewy. Besides bonding, these dog treats are also effective for training your pup, sneaking in prescribed medication or simply keeping them occupied when you are away.

“Dog treats are also helpful when you are trying to familiarise your dog to a new location. Handing the four-legged furry companions their favourite treat and showering them with affection generally helps put them at ease,” Ramani added.

Variant Detail



Rodeo 123g



Rodeo Duos 123 g

Chicken & Bacon


Jumbone Mini 160g

Chicken & Rice


Tasty Minis – Adult 130g

Chicken & Duck


Tasty Minis – Puppy 125 g