Mango initiates the concept of Art as therapy; conducts workshops


Mango are suppliers for premium art and craft products along with lifestyle and office essentials. With innovation being the key proposition of their business, their strategy has always been simple and in line with their tagline’ ‘makes my day’.

With an array of workshops and virtual sessions, Mango has been constantly putting in efforts to look out for its consumers and spread messages of positivity and holistic wellbeing.

Mango truly believes that art is therapeutic. And considering the fact that the past year has been so hard on each and every individual, Mango has initiated the concept of Art as therapy, by introducing corporate employees and students in educational institutions to a mode of expression, a medium of letting their emotions out, a free space to explore one’s trail of thoughts which in turn helps individuals understand their emotional conflicts, develop better social skills, improve self-esteem, manage addictions, reduce anxiety, and perform better in their lives.

Sitanshu ChhedaSitanshu Chheda, Director, Mango Stationery, said, “Mandala Art, Resin art, Fluid art, Alcohol ink, watercolours and Gouache Painting these are all highly popular forms of art used as therapy but I believe that literally any form of art can elevate your mood and truly make you feel better.

“Coloring books that are made especially for adults are gaining a lot of popularity as they really help relax your mind. These are not like children’s coloring books, these have intricate designs that really require you to focus thus enhancing your concentration skills,” Chheda said.

Mango often conducts workshops that involve fluid art, clay modelling, doodling and other activities that enable individuals to go with the flow that art takes them in and truly rejuvenate their senses. Mango aims to reach out to individuals and help them sustain trying times like these during an ongoing global crisis like the one we are currently in.