Mallika Dua, Dolly Singh, Radhika Bangia on creative ways to keep dating on Tinder


Mallika Dua, Dolly Singh, Radhika Bangia, Varun Thakur, and Rahul Dua all agree that while dating in 2020 might be different, it doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun. Gen-z is full of creative life-hackers, and there are a lot of firsts to be had with dating in 2020.

And who better to advise us on creative tips, tricks and hacks on how to date? Here are some ingenious and safe ways to navigate dating in the new normal from some of our favourite creators.

Spicing up a virtual date with a common menu and everything else Mallika Dua as Sima Taparia taught us about dating in 2020

Mallika Dua’s Scheme-a Aunty is the Tinder and Indian Matchmaking crossover 2020 needed. Scheme-a aunty has lots of tips and tricks for dating in 2020, and they involve shared menus for virtual dates, sage advice on compromise and tying your sibling up to a chair. Not surprisingly, like 77% of Tinder members said in a recent poll, Mallika endorses just staying in your PJs for a virtual date.

If they can’t commit to a mask, how will they commit to you? Dolly Singh’s 10 reasons to date in 2020

Virtual dating during social distancing means longer conversations, casual clothing and an even sweeter date IRL. And if meeting socially distantly, with masks, her recommendation? A T shirt that reads: Sanitise if you like me. *Clicks add to cart.*

Radhika Bangia’s tips on dating in 2020: How soon is too soon to reply to a text? 

Swipe through some memes, do a dance routine and play with your pet before replying to a text. She even has a way to ensure you don’t accidentally like your matches posts from 2013: it simply involves wrapping some tape around your thumb.

“Haters gonna hate, daters gonna date” Varun Thakur on why pixelation>personality on a virtual date

The most important dating hack of 2020 according to Varun Thakur aka Vicky Malhotra? You need to reinvent yourself, replace your profile pictures with those of you doing household chores since in 2020 that is the most attractive quality.


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When sanitisers replace perfume: Dating in 2020 as told by Rahul Dua

We’re grateful for the scented sanitisers and loving his 2020 dating hack of writing your name on your mask to recognise your match if you do decide to meet IRL.

Trust your elders, especially if it’s Rahul Dua with a filter.

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