Lodha Group highlights importance of togetherness, kinship in new campaign with Akshay Kumar


Lodha Group, highlights the importance of togetherness and kinship with its newly launched campaign film. The campaign emphasizes on how community living ensures a healthy lifestyle as well as security and holistic growth of a child. Starring its brand ambassador – Akshay Kumar, the commercial brings out the simple joy of childhood that one experiences by being a part of a community.

Akshay Kumar, Actor, said, “A child’s mental well-being goes beyond having a happy family. The social environment plays an equally important role in their growth and emotional development, and the sense of rootedness and belongingness brings out the best of their identity. Hence it is crucial to choose the right community that ensures safety and security, which will further impact the child’s personality.

“This is only possible when they grow in familiar surroundings where they are accepted and encouraged, just like at home,” Kumar said.

The witty and funny film beautifully captures the close-knit relationships that a child shares with his neighbors and community while growing up. Akshay Kumar is seen playing amusing characters depicting different neighbors to a kid. With enriching glimpses, the video captures the relations that the kid enjoys with his neighbors who are more like his extended family after his parents.

image-Raunika-Malhotra-–-President-Corporate-Brand-and-Communication-Lodha-Group-mediabrief.jpgRaunika Malhotra, President, Corporate Brand, and Communication, Lodha Group, said, “As a visionary brand, Lodha thrives at building developments that enable well-knit communities. An ecosystem that is well planned, developed and serviced, not only instills the feeling of belongingness & rootedness but also ensures the safety, security & well- being for your child’s growth.

“The campaign film highlights how community living fosters healthy relationships for the family and brings a sense of rootedness and belongingness. Owning a home plays a crucial role in an individual’s life, and in a Lodha home, we aim at offering some of the finest living experience for our customers,” Malhotra said.

Image-Radha-Ghai-Senior-PartnerCreative-Director-ANC-mediabrief.jpgRadha Ghai, Senior Partner/Creative Director, ANC, said, “This film showcases Akshay Kumar in several avatars to portray different characters as his own neighbors, which he’s played with wit and charm. The film is entertaining but delivers a very emotional message – Owning a home creates special bonds & relationships between people who live around you.

“Moreover, that your home is not limited to your home only but neighbors and community folk also become like an extended family,” Ghai said.

With a considerable lifestyle change, present-day consumers are looking for reputed developers who can assure quality and timely delivery. Moreover, the lowest home loan rates, the unchanged repo rate cuts, and the reduced stamp duty in states like Maharashtra further make this the best time to buy the dream home. This campaign caters to consumer across price-points with Lodha’s wide offering from affordable to premium housing projects including Palava, New Cuffe Parade, Amara, to name a few

The brand video of the campaign goes live across Lodha Group’s social media platforms and websites supported by display and electronic ads across media networks.