LawSikho organizes bootcamp on State Judiciary Exams Preparations 


LawSikho is a Delhi based legal Edtech company which caters to upskilling needs of students and professionals from all over the world. As the leading EdTech in the law-related learning and skills-training sector, it offers a catena of skill-training courses, webinars and bootcamps to learners.

In 2021, LawSikho’s virtual bootcamps on law-careers oriented themes have set the law-niche of India’s EdTech sector on fire! Till now, nearly 1 lakh people from 120 countries across the globe have attended these bootcamps!

The latest among these was a 3-day free online bootcamp on How to Crack Indian Judiciary Exams, July 10-12, 6-9 p.m. IST,  which saw a whopping 12539 judiciary aspirants registering. Each day of the bootcamp saw more than 3000 attendees.

The judiciary exams of India are notorious for their competitive difficulty levels. Every year, 50,000-60,000 aspirants appear for these exams every year as and when such exams are notified by their respective states or union territories. That, 12539 out of them registered in just 10 days since the bootcamp was announced and rolled out, indicates the resounding success of LawSikho’s 3-day bootcamp on How to Crack, July 10-12, 6-9 p.m. IST

Many Indian states and union territories have already notified multiple vacancies for district judiciaries, mostly civil as of 2021. With judicial services exams knocking at the doors of so many aspirants all over the country, response to the bootcamp was electrifying to say the least.

LawSikho’s founding-CEO-s were themselves the hosts of the bootcamp. Over the years, they have guided and mentored multiple judiciary aspirants who are young judges today! But it was not just the vast wisdom and practical insights of the hosts on the do-s and don’t-s of judiciary exam preparations that the attendees gained from. Over the course of 9 hours across 3 days, the attendees to this bootcamp gained hands-on skill-training on issues like

  • How to shortlist which states to prepare for
  • How to create an integrated syllabus for judicial services exam-preparedness,
  • How to create a study plan for such preparation, be consistent and manage personal well-being and many more!

These issues are very practical ones faced in real life by so many judiciary aspirants of India today. Thus, the-skill training activities of LawSikho’s 3-day online bootcamp on “How to Crack Indian Judiciary Exams”, 10-12 July, 2021, touched a chord with the attendees, adding to the electric vibrancy of all the three sessions of the bootcamp!

The attendees also received 18 extremely useful giveaways for free across all three days. This included question compendiums, compilations, trends-analysis, practice workbooks and so much more! The journey of success for LawSikho’s bootcamps moves forward with those of its motivated learners.