LAVAZZA releases its Sustainability Report 2019


LAVAZZA, a premium coffee roaster and coffee producer from Italy, has been passed down for 125 years. LAVAZZA  commits to not only operating responsibly in all aspects of our business, but also contributing to the sustainable development goals that are related to the future of our planet and society, especially caring about the communities where the quality coffee beans are grown, about the employees and also about the people who enjoy LAVAZZA coffee.

The social responsibility has been rooted in the corporate culture of LAVAZZA since the brand was founded in 1895. Adhering to the group’s core value of “responsibility”, LAVAZZA has insisted on publishing “Sustainability Report” every year since 2014, showcasing its new achievements in sustainable development.

It could be seen from the Sustainability Report 2019 that Company has achieved commendable results benefited from its adherence to the Sustainable Development Goals.

In the past one year, LAVAZZA has realized 100% of electricity for Italian, French and Canadian plants from renewable source. At the same time, Nuvola, Group’s headquarters in Turin, Italy, also reduced its power consumption by 8% compared to 2018 thanks to the innovative energy management model.

On the other hand, LAVAZZA has carried out a variety of measures to combat climate change, including Reforestation Projects and distinctive Corporate Carpooling Program. In 2019, there were 29,000 trees planted in Ethiopia, more than 1 million coffee trees planted in Colombia, 36,000 hectares of Amazon rainforest conserved and reforested in Peru by the Group, making great efforts to restore the world’s vegetation.

Furthermore, in order to raise awareness of environmental sustainability among its employees, the Company has provided the Corporate Carpooling Program, which promotes sustainable mobility for home-work journeys by encouraging the sharing of vehicles among colleagues in a more efficient way, thus reducing emissions. This program has helped save 4,423 kg of CO₂ and reduce indirect emissions by 30% in a year.

For a long age, LAVAZZA has been keeping attracting large number of graduates to join in as its leading position in the industry with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, breakthrough innovation and humanistic care.

This made the Company to be awarded “Top Employer 2019” in Italy. Lavazza harbors great responsibility to play a role in improving climate, economy and society issues, building connections with people around the world by operating global business conscientiously, and continuing to carve out the way of sustainable development. Every cup of superior-quality coffee tells the heritage and transmission of LAVAZZA’s sustainable development story.

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