Kross Komics launches 10 bestselling titles in updated 2.0 version of its app


Kross Komics, the first-of-its-kind webtoon app in India, has recently released the updated 2.0 version of its app. Besides the new app update, the platform will also be launching 10 of its globally best-selling webtoon titles in the Indian version of the app and adding a new ‘Wait or Pay Pass’ feature to augment user engagement and experience.

Featuring a brand-new design, the updated version will have colorful and elegant backgrounds and higher-quality images that will outdo the app’s previous simple and monochromatic look.

The app’s newly introduced ‘Wait or Pay Pass’ feature is a system in which each webtoon title is given one ‘Wait or Pay Pass’ at its waiting period. When a user enters a series with this feature, a brief pop-up will appear to explain the system to them, making it easier for users to understand the feature and navigate through the app.

Catering primarily to users who fall within the age group of 15-24, Kross Komics currently offers content in 9 different genres – Action, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Slice of Life, Mystery, and Thriller, in English, Telugu, and Hindi. The platform plans to add more vernacular languages soon to expand its reach. The updated version of the app will also contain a feature that allows regional translations for regional users.

Additionally, the new feature will allow users to read the first five episodes of a Wait or Pay series for free while also enabling them to read a locked episode for free for the first time and wait just a few days to move on to the next episode free of cost. The most recent 7-10 episodes, however, will only be accessible to paying users.

Alongside the default payment option available, Kross Komics will now allow users to pay through Paytm. The updated version of the app will also be featuring several exciting contests for users where they can win rewards in terms of coins to unlock new ‘Wait or Pay’ episodes and other grand prizes such as smartphones or earphones.

Hyunwoo Thomas Kim, MD, Co-Founder, and President of Kross Komics, said, “We are excited to announce that our app has been updated to the 2.0 version with new features and titles that will make it more engaging and entertaining for users.

“While the updated version has already been launched, users who are still using the older version will have to update to the new one by 19th July to continue reading the webtoons.

“Kross Komics has always been committed to bringing exciting, new content to users and we are confident that the newly introduced updates, features, and webtoon titles will further drive our growth and enable us to achieve our goal of creating a thriving local market for webtoons,” Kim said.

Furthermore, the platform will also be launching 10 globally best-selling titles across various genres containing up to 40 episodes each, with high-quality graphics and storylines, including KAKAO and DCCENT titles, adding to the 81 titles that are currently available on the app.

Kross Komics also has plans to make one of the best-sellers – A Business Proposal, into a K-Drama in early 2022. While none of the titles have a K-Drama or Netflix series at present, the story – A Business Proposal, has a similar office romance storyline to the popular K-Drama – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim which is available on Netflix.

Looking to foster a community-based environment of webtoon readers in the country, Kross Komics’ new update will transform the app into a place where users can directly share their thoughts on their favourite series through the comment section below each episode. Users will no longer have to move to the platform’s social media pages to share their views on the webtoon series.