Komaki SE high-speed electric scooter launched in India


Komaki has been turning quite some heads since they launched India’s largest yet trendy e-scooter – the TN95. Continuing along the path of innovation, they are back with another stunner – the Komaki SE.

This handsome model is a high-performance scooter designed to suit all age groups. Stylish headlamps equipped with Daylight Running Lamps (DRLs) and an aerodynamic body fitted with a powerful 3000-Watt motor give the riders a real feel of 125 cc class two-wheelers. You can now sprint through cities or experience grand touring in style by harnessing the full power of tuned up motors on the Komaki SE.

It is as if Komaki can read our minds. The SE comes with dedicated front storage space for your phone and water bottles. Be it sweltering heat or a dry cold – you are now taken care of and connected on the go.

The front-mounted USB port ensures that you neither run out of charge as you navigate nor disconnect from your loved ones. Capable of delivering high speeds, the Komaki SE even comes with 3 riding modes as well as a separate cruise control switch – features offered by no other two-wheeler manufacturer in the market. And the Komaki SE is fully approved by the relevant government bodies. Yes, you read that right, it is as safe as it can be and offers a comfortable ride!


There’s more! Not only does the Komaki SE deliver high performance, but it also diagnoses electrical issues and troubleshoots them all by itself! Equipped with an onboard self-diagnosis system, this smart scooter warns you just in time such that you may reach your destination safely. Should you forget to remember your date of servicing, the coloured LED display has your back with all the necessary prompts on-screen.

 Features on this smart scooter:

  • 1.5 units of consumption per full charge of the Li-ion battery (removable battery for convenient charging)
  • A high-performance range of 95 km to 125 km in a single charge
  • Mounted multimedia control switch with an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker
  • Front and rear telescopic suspension with dual disk brakes for a smooth ride
  • Remote locking with added anti-theft features

This jaw-dropper is available in various bold colour options – Garnet red, Deep blue, Metallic gold, and Jet black. Komaki have proven to the world that an advanced and intelligent two-wheeler can deliver high performance and yet be easy on the consumers’ pockets. Ushering into the world another robustly built smart scooter with best-in-class safety measures – the Komaki SE is your smartest ride for all Indian roads.

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