KIKO TV reports 30% month-on-month increase in its social commerce vertical


KIKO TV, AI-based short video E-Commerce & Entertainment platform has witnessed a 30% month-on-month increase in the social commerce vertical. The app, which was launched a few months ago, amidst the pandemic, released their in-app shopping feature last month and since then has seen a positive upsurge.

Supporting and showcasing the #VocalForLocal and #MadeInIndia sentiment, KIKO TV provides products only from Indian local vendors. Their aim is to be a one-stop solution for shopping while browsing videos and live streaming shopping.

With the social commerce market booming in India and small businesses looking at new ways of reaching out to customers, KIKO TV foresees this as an excessively big market to capitalise and grow in. Live bidding, live shopping, live interaction with the vendors is a space that is not tapped yet and holds the potential to thrive. KIKO TV will be focusing on this in the coming months.

Neeta Chawla, CSO, KIKO TV, said, “We are delighted to have witnessed such tremendous growth for KIKO TV in its initial phase and our social commerce feature has played an important role.”

“We are one of the few apps in the short format app market, to offer this feature, and we are seeing great demand, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India.”

“Social Commerce in India is still a niche segment and holds a lot of potential to grow. Our aim is to enable every store owner to have a virtual store where they can sell to users across the country using video content of the product and streaming live sales sessions,” Chawla added.

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