Deepak Asher steps down as MAI President after 18 years at the helm; Kamal Gianchandani steps in

image-Kamal Gianchandani i is president of MAI as Deepak Asher steps down - MediaBrief-1After 18  years at the helm, Deepak Asher has stepped down as President of the Multiplex Association of India, ‘to pursue other interests on the non-professional front’. Kamal Gianchandani has been appointed to the position with immediate effect. Asher had served as the MAI’s President continuously since its inception in 2002. He has also served on the Boards of numerous companies as a professional Director.

An MAI statement said, “All MAI members would like to publicly thank Deepak Asher for his service and dedication to serving the cinema exhibition sector. During Asher’s tenure, the cinema exhibition sector had to deal with innumerable challenges, which the MAI could navigate with Deepak Asher’s vision, drive and performance focus, combined with his commitment to serving the best long-term interests of the entire sector. He leaves a more robust, agile and resilient cinema exhibition sector, well placed to deal with the unparalleled impact of Covid-19 and other challenges going forward.”

Deepak Asher

Deepak Asher said, “It has been an extremely enriching and rewarding experience heading the MAI right from its formative years, to the position that it is in today. I have been blessed with the fortune of working with some exceptionally bright and sincere colleagues from the cinema exhibition industry, without whom we would not have been able to get where we are today.”

“I am also grateful to all the other stakeholders in the film industry, and the regulators, with whom I have had the occasion to interact, in the best interests of the sector. I wish the MAI all the very best in all its future endeavours, and look forward to seeing the sector flourish and prosper under its new leadership,” Asher  added.

Kamal Gianchandani

New incumbent Kamal Gianchandani, President Multiplex Association of India, said of Asher, “Those of us that know Deepak Asher personally, admire him not only for his business efforts, but also for his personal lifetime values as a friend and a guide. I wish him well and am confident that the cinema exhibition community will continue to benefit from his valued leadership and counsel.”

It will be recalled that Asher brought with him more than 35 years of experience starting with hardcore accounting, auditing, finance, taxation, and law, and then moving on to corporate finance, business strategy, growth and diversification. During his decades of outstanding service, Asher has not only added value to several different businesses with his rich and varied experience, but he has also provided strategic leadership and valuable guidance to the entire cinema exhibition sector during his 18 years at the helm of the MAI.

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