KalaGato’s analyses of new media construct in short form video creation apps


Have you noticed a family sitting at an airport or a restaurant, all sombre and quiet, heads bowed, faces sporting an intense expression, till a loud unpleasant noise blasts from the dad’s phone as a Kapil Sharma video starts automatically on his Facebook feed, and the whole family temporarily stops scrolling? It’s amazing how social media has every one in its grip, from young kids to uncles and aunties.

Facebook and Instagram are now ubiquitous with an average monthly reach of ~82% and ~40% respectively. Twitter numbers, while being considerably lower, are on an upward trend.

Marketers “always” had separate creatives for Facebook and Instagram; Tiktok had gained serious consideration among brands (with a Reach of ~37% in the first half of the year), when the embargo on Chinese apps brought usage crashing down. Even now, people continue to use it!

The Anti-China sentiment opened up doors for “Made-In-India” even when it comes to “wholesome” entertainment, as a flurry of “home -grown” apps came in to fill the “TikTok vacuum”.

Sharechat’s Moj and MX backed Takatak have emerged as the front-runners, with both apps gaining the highest Reach numbers (averaging 7.28% & 5.81% respectively). Other payers got a shot in the arm with the TikTok ban, but for now seem to be trending at lower numbers.

The speed with which new players (read Takatak, Josh & Moj) have pulled in ‘Engaged’ or ‘Active’ users compared to established social media platforms is a testimony to the content creation, personalization and local languages that they are investing in.

Trell is a breakout among the new players, with daily session times going up to 45 minutes! 

Traditionally, when we thought content – we thought of TV, Movies, Youtube and more recently Facebook Videos. In fact, it wasn’t so long ago that ‘Video’ was a new focus for Facebook; a lot of its usage is probably still centred around that. But a spate of ‘short form video’ creation apps supported by an army of influencers is working to upend that, and reach each demographic in the language of its choice.

Your thoughts, please