Joy, under the aegis of RSH Global Pvt. Ltd., announced the launch of their new campaign “The Last Wash.” The campaign TVC, starring actress Kriti Sanon, encourages customers to inculcate the habit of washing their face before going to bed. The commercial airing in the Bengal market will feature renowned actress Mimi Chakraborty. Inspired by consumer behaviour studies and dermatological research, the campaign aims to induce the habit for a complete skincare regimen.

The campaign consists of TV commercials where Kriti can be seen watching the last over of a cricket match. She says that the last over of a T-20 match is the most important, just like “The Last Wash” is to one’s skincare regimen. This campaign would be aired on leading national GEC, movies & music channels.

Mimi Chakraborty can be seen checking her phone as a habit before sleep, and then speaks to the customers asking them to incorporate ‘The Last Wash’ as part of their routine before sleep. This commercial will be seen on regional GEC & movie channels at a high frequency over the next eight to twelve weeks.

Consumer behaviour studies done by Joy Personal Care suggest that the two occasions on which a consumer predominantly uses face washes are either when taking a bath or when returning home from outside. Furthermore, the brand’s internal dermatological research on skin showed that our skin rejuvenates and revives better when we are sleeping.

Clean skin pores absorb any night cream or anti-ageing cream and lead to better results. To further accelerate and better your skincare regimen, it is extremely important to use a facewash and deep clean the pores of your skin before going to bed. “The Last Wash” is therefore, the most important wash of the day.

Image-Sunil-Agarwal-Chairman-RSH-Global-Mediabrief-scaled.jpgSunil Agarwal, Chairman, RSH Global Pvt. Ltd. said, “We believe nothing should get in the way of a good and healthy skin. That is why we are constantly working on bringing in new expertise, like behaviour science, and deeper dermatological research into our business, to help us educate customers about better skin health through our products around the world.

“Joy’s facewash range has been growing, and we are currently one of the largest players in the 2,424-crore facewash market (as per Nielsen – MAT SEPT 19). Kriti Sanon has already been the ambassador for our face washes, body lotions & creams and we’re delighted to extend our partnership with her for our new campaign,” Agarwal said.

Poulomi Roy_CMO_RSH GlobalPoulomi Roy, Chief Marketing Officer RSH Global Pvt. Ltd. said, “Our primary research has given us an understanding of customer behaviour and usage habits with respect to our facewashes. Our research conducted on the effects of washing your face before sleeping, concludes that it proves to be extremely advantageous for skin care and rejuvenation.

“With this campaign, we want to communicate the same to our customers and induce the habit of ‘The Last Wash’ to enable them to improve their skincare regime, and to take full advantage of the products that they use.”

As a consistent player in the facewash category for the last 10 years, Joy has been able to increase market share on a year-on-year basis. The most recent offering by the brand in the facewash category has been the skin purifying, deep detox activated charcoal facewash, made using a ‘5 in 1’ dermatologically tested formula that keeps skin hydrated and provides a refreshing cool feeling.

Joy’s current offerings in the face wash category includes, fruits range face wash, Pure Aloe face wash, Pure Neem face wash and Neem & Turmeric face wash. To widen basket, the brand also launched Joy Activated Charcoal Face Wash.

Campaign Credits 

Concept: Internal MARCOM team of RSH Global Private Limited

Production House: Kiss Films

Director: Punit Malhotra