#JanataCurfew: Moment marketing by Tata Asset Managment

image-#JanataCurfew- Moment marketing by Tata Asset Managment MediabriefIsolating the most social animal on this planet was not going to be easy and hence, to make the most of this fourteen-hour #JanataCurfew, Tata Asset Management’s moment marketing initiative gave purpose to those seemingly long hours. The idea was to remind its fellow investors and users to connect with their families in these few hours of togetherness.

#JanataCurfew: Moment Marketing by Tata Asset Managment

Tata Asset Management’s digital team curated a fun itinerary for the entire family from 7 AM to 9 PM. The tasks began with exercising and having a healthy breakfast and included some family-time activities like playing a game of monopoly with the kids.

Tata AMC - 7 AM Post

Tata AMC - 8 AM Post

Tata AMC - 9 AM Post

Tata AMC - 10 AM Post

Tata AMC - 11 AM Post

Tata AMC - 12 noon Post

Tata AMC - 1 PM Post

Tata AMC - 2 PM Post

Tata AMC - 3 PM Post

Tata AMC - 4 PM Post

Tata AMC - 5 PM Post

Tata AMC - 6 PM Post

Tata AMC - 7 PM Post

Tata AMC - 8 PM Post

Tata AMC - 9 PM Post

At the stroke of each hour, they posted engaging activities to be with their investor families and encourage them to spend time with themselves and their families. There were senior citizens who otherwise were glued to the gloomy TV, who loved the cheer. There were young parents who discovered new talents among their kids. And, Tata Asset Management was a part of their journey throughout as a lot of peer brands took notice of this initiative.

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