‘Is Diwali Kuch Naya Karte Hain’, says Tata Mutual Fund’s new campaign


Tata Mutual Fund launched its new campaign for Diwali, nudging audiences to do something new this Diwali. This is an extension of their popular campaign Ek Aur SIP Ho Jaaye!

The COVID pandemic has kept us all away from relatives and dear ones. The senior citizens who were considered to be most vulnerable took to isolation more stringently than many youngsters. It is the age group that may have borne the maximum brunt of this illness.

Diwali is the one time in the year when one longs to meet all those who are dear. Gifting is always big in Diwali amongst friends, family and extended family too. Set up in a modern day household, the film has a set of young grandparents, who have just retired. Having worked till the recent past, they are well exposed to the modern ways of shopping, banking and investing digitally.

Like every Diwali, they have plans for their grand-children. “Diwali dena” is gifting money to kids, but the grandparents are discussing about doing something different. Much like the benefits of Mutual Fund Investing, the wisdom of grandparents comes with a journey in time. They have greyed as they learned and are willing to share tips to improve our ways of life.

MVS Murthy

MVS Murthy, Head – Marketing, Digital & Corporate Communication, Tata Asset Management Limited, said, “We have woven two strands – one which respects the wisdom of age and the second is of staying invested.. We deliberately choose young grandparents.”

“They are not only promoting digital banking but also digital investing, in a recurring manner for a long term The source and destination of money in motion, is well connected to ensure that we don’t skip any SIP,” Murthy added.

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