EXCLUSIVE | Ipshita Chowdhury: Passion, curiosity, originality drives Valvoline Cummins


In an exclusive interaction, Ipshita Chowdhury, Chief Marketing Officer, Valvoline Cummins, speaks about how Valvoline’s childlike curiosity and passion for innovation has maintained their brand image as the pioneers of the automotive industry while constantly building their 150-year legacy. Ipshita also outlines the communication approach Valvoline has adopted to reach its audiences in India and the short- and long-term goals Valvoline aims to achieve with its #BacchoJaisaJunoon campaign.

Ipshita is an experienced consumer and B2B marketing professional with 19 years of experience in building brands, driving businesses, and leading marketing teams across category and product management, consumer insights, analytics, marketing intelligence, brand & marketing communications, digital marketing, retail marketing, CRM & influencer engagement, and media management.

Give us an overview of Valvoline Cummins’ 150-year legacy and how has the brand evolved with the changing times?

150 years ago Valvoline introduced its lubricant when Dr John Ellis developed a petroleum-based product for steam engines. Since then, Valvoline has worked relentlessly to innovate and came up with the finest range of products.

It’s because of this legacy and dedication to innovation that millions of people trust Valvoline products in their vehicles, engines and equipment – right from the Model T to today’s latest models.

In India, Valvoline Cummins is a 50:50 joint venture between Valvoline International Inc. U.S.A and Cummins India Ltd. For 150 years Valvoline has been on the leading edge of engine oil technology. We have been evolving and striving to innovate and provide our customers and automotive enthusiasts with quality engine oil and lubricants.

Over the years we have evolved our products to meet the demands of the present and the future. The brand has maintained its position in the industry as a lubricants company with other products such a gear oils, brake fluids, etc, making us a leader and an expert in the lubricant market.

Today, Valvoline operates a global network of research and development labs, distribution and customer services in 140 countries and is proud to have been the only engine oil company that could perform all required tests for API and ILSAC petrol categories in our house engine test lab These advance engine test technologies allow Valvoline more freedom and flexibility to innovate for our customers.

Valvoline is always moving, continuing our longstanding tradition of value-adding innovations for users and partners.


What is the communication approach Valvoline Cummins has adopted so far to reach its audiences?

Valvoline has always maintained its position as “The Original Engine Oil”. Our newest TVC campaign Baccho Jaisa Junoon showcases how our R&D team works to create original products and supports us in becoming leaders. Our message aims to show our passion to stay original, making Valvoline the best brand for your engine. The TVC was launched on popular GECs, TV channels, and digital platforms. 

Our approach is digital-first, cutting across our own, social and search platforms. We believe our consumers can discover us effectively via the vast array of digital media available today. 

What was the core thought/ insight behind the Baccho Jaisa Junoon campaign? How do they fit with Valvoline’s brand image?

Valvoline is already positioned as the Original Engine Oil across the globe. We wanted to build the same brand imagery in Indian Market while looking progressive and innovative at the same time. 

The creative inspiration for ‘BachhoJaisaJunoon’ came from the inherent curiosity and originality children have and the passion they exhibit. Kids are extremely experimental and try to keep thinking of making something new be it something very future-driven or meant for the present.

They are always enthusiastic to try something new and we believe our team of scientists and experts have the same passion, curiosity, and enthusiasm. Valvoline has the same attributes – Our relentless passion and curiosity around evolving technology helps us create offerings in tune with consumer trends. Our new campaign – BacchoJaisaJunoon, reinforces the brand’s same promise of continuous innovation.

What are the various mediums/ channels where this campaign is LIVE now? What traction has it garnered so far?

We have taken a 360 integrated approach for launching this campaign. The campaign is live across all key platforms – popular GECs, TV news channels, Print and Digital. We are glad to see that the campaign has been well received by the audience and is performing well. The campaign has helped us to reach out to millions of end consumers.


What are the short- and long-term goals you wish to achieve with this campaign?

Through this campaign, we want to position the brand as the Original Engine Oil in the Indian Market basis the trust and the credibility that we have built over the last 150 years.

The ultimate goal is to strengthen the same relationship of trust with existing customers and business partners as well as build the same credibility with new users. 

How will you measure this campaign’s success? 

As an end customer, if you were able to relate with our never-ending curiosity and passion to innovate after seeing the campaign, our job is done! If our campaign resonates with you, that is all we need to know about being a success and we know it surely will. 

And of course, movements in brand funnel scores.


What other initiatives has Valvoline rolled out to build on its child-like curiosity, passion for innovation proposition?

There are multiple initiatives lined up for upcoming months which will focus on strengthening our relationship with channel partners, retailers, and Mechanics as well as End consumers. 

Anything else you would like to add?

Valvoline’s philosophy says, ‘Making everything we touch run better’ and that is what we’ve been aiming to do all these years. From helping steam engines in 1866 to providing products for heavy-duty machinery, cars, tractors and more in the 21st century, Valvoline’s loyalty to the Lubricant Industry has remained uncompromised.

We pride ourselves on calling ourselves the best as our team of experts have immense experience and knowledge along with credibility that makes our brand known as the “Original Engine Oil” today. We are a people’s company and thrive on the contributions of those who work with us to make us better every single day.