Infectious’ digital film for Tata Capital highlights its new promise ‘Count On Us’


Infectious Advertising partnered with Tata Capital, the financial arm of the Tata Group, to unveil the corporate film based on its brand promise ‘Count on Us’.

Boosted by a great execution-style, the film tells a story about the dreams and hopes of the people of India and how Tata Capital is well suited to help them achieve their dreams.

Tata Capital’s financial solutions are designed to meet India’s diverse customer needs which are articulated in the film. Shot following covid guidelines, the production overcame many hurdles and logistical limitations to deliver a film that captures the life of people across the country.

Ramanuj Shastry, Co-Founder & Director, Infectious Advertising, said, “Tata Capital Corporate film – whose purpose was to bring to life their promise that India can ‘Count On Us’ – is a large canvas film with many logistical challenges. Upcoming director Tim Gollar has done a stellar job of telling a complex story simply.”

Hector Anklesaria, Associate Vice President, Marketing, Tata Capital, said “Tata Capital as a brand and organization has transformed over the years, while retaining the core value of trust.

“Our corporate digital film reverberates our brand’s promise ‘Count On Us’ and how we as an organization serve our customers fulfil their needs and aspirations with our diverse, innovative and customized financial solutions,” Anklesaria said.