Indians meditate for happiness, peace, personal growth, not stress:

A recently conducted survey by India’s leading meditation and mindfulness app,, finds the pursuit of happiness, peace, and personal growth are the reasons most Indians meditate.

Spanning 1000 individuals between the age group of 18 years to 60 years, across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Pune, the survey also cites stress management and better sleep as other key areas where meditation has helped individuals. From an app data perspective, almost 40% of the users of meditated daily in 2020, spending a total of 2.64 billion minutes on the app in the entire year. belongs to the house of JetSynthesys, well known digital entertainment and technology company, which specialises in building products and platforms spanning gaming, digital entertainment, and interest-based social communities.

The survey also sheds light on how meditation helps different age groups differently. Peace and happiness tops the charts across all age groups – 20% for 18-25 years, 42% for 26-35 years, 49% for 36-45 years and 46-55 years, and 41% for senior citizens.

Also, the age bracket of 18-25 years and 46-55 years showed similar patterns; the quest for peace and happiness was followed by better sleep, personal growth, and stress management, in that order.

To break it down, in the 18-25 age bracket, 16% meditated for better sleep, 15% for personal growth, and 10% to combat stress. In the 46-55 age bracket, the numbers in similar order were 30% followed by 25% and lastly 21%.

Coming to the 26-35 age group, the figures were stress (25%) over sleep (21%) and personal growth (20%). For 36-45 year olds, personal growth (25%) trumped sleep (21%) and stress management (21%). Lastly, for senior citizens, the order was stress (18%) over personal growth (16%) and sleep (12%).

Coming to a city-specific analysis, most women in Mumbai meditate to seek peace & personal growth, while Punekars and people in Bengaluru are in search of peace and happiness. Delhiites turn to meditation for better sleep and stress management.

Image-Rajan-Navani-Vice-Chairman-Managing-Director-JetSynthesys-MediaBrief.jpgRajan Navani, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of JetSynthesys, said, “India often tops the charts when it comes to studies on stress and anxiety. I’ve personally been an avid proponent of the benefits of meditation since several years.

“We launched two years back to make the benefits of meditation accessible to all. We are big believers of the power of thinking right, therefore the name, because our thoughts do guide how our day and life pan out.

“All the daily affirmations and guided meditation sessions on are born out of this core belief, and we hope to use these survey findings to make TRM an even more compelling proposition.

“With time, we also hope more people take to meditation and a more mindful way of life so collectively there’s a positive change in people’s overall mental and emotional well-being,” Navani added.

The onset of 2020 brought with it COVID-19, a global pandemic which has been harsh on most individuals and’s app data is proof of that reality. The maximum traffic seen on was during the months of April 2020 to June 2020, during the COVID-19 induced lockdown, with DAUs (Daily active users) increasing by 50% coupled with a significant increase in subscriptions too.

The daily positive affirmations followed by guided meditation offerings top the charts for what helped app users the most in 2020.

As of 2021, has also undergone a revamp to accommodate the changing emotional and mental well-being needs of Indians. This latest version features a new and improved UI with an extensive library of meditations, a journal, a meditation timer, breath timer and chants timer along with focused categories for breathwork, sleep, and Yog Nidra.

The app has also brought new masters like Nishtha Bijlani, Diksha Lalwani, Trisha Maharaj, and Hith Yoga on board to help with people’s meditation journeys.

In addition to, JetSynthesys is also home to several popular digital products, platforms, and services including games like Sachin Saga Cricket Champions, Real Cricket, WWE Racing Showdown, Ludo Zenith, along with high-affinity platforms like 100MB and Sonic Jobs, to name a few. JetSynthesys is also the co-founder of India’s most successful e-sports company, Nodwin Gaming.

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