83% of Indian women look for compatibility in their partners: Shaadi.com Survey


While India debates the concept of matchmaking, Shaadi.com conducted a survey to understand how Indian matchmaking has evolved amidst the changing times.

The survey reveals that for 83% women, finding the right match is about compatibility and not compromise. The age-old beliefs that in a marriage a woman must compromise and adjust does not hold true anymore. Women are now looking for compatibility more than anything else.

This is also reflected from Shaadi.com user data which shows that 65% of the interests sent by women are to people who matches their preferences. Suggesting that women are not willing to compromise on what they are looking for.

In fact, the women of today know what they want and would like to marry someone that meet their preferences. They are also willing to wait it out, as 82% women said that they would like to give the matchmaking process its due time as they do not want to rush into it.

Another interesting insight is that while matchmaking is still a family affair in India, Shaadi.com has seen that the singles are increasingly taking control of this journey. Reflecting in the member split on the platform, 70% profiles are created by oneself and 30% are created by parents.

image-Adhish-Zaver-Director-–-Marketing-Shaadi.com-MediaBrief.jpgAdhish Zaveri, Director – Marketing, Shaadi.com, said, “The ground realities of Indian Matchmaking are a lot different from what meets the eye.

“Matchmakers cannot just bring matches that they think are right for them. Singles are deciding for themselves and the decision usually comes down to compatibility.

“Matchmaking in today’s context is about empowering people with the right information & providing them with a platform to have meaningful conversations,” Zaveri said.

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