image-FEATURED-Planet-Healers-From-Discovery-Channel---great-significant-content---on-MediaBriefWatch Planet Healers on Discovery Channel and Discovery HD World on 29th March at 7 pm. The show is a great example of meaningful and significant content that has the potential to create awareness and spark a constructive behavior-change in society. So, even though the show was launched on the 8th of March 2019 and we missed sharing the announcement, we are glad to be able to make amends before the series actually runs out. You can catch an episode on 29th March at 7 pm, featuring the Pune-based startup Rudra, which is collecting plastic waste from homes to recycle into into high-calorific-value fuel, gas and sludge

image Planet Healers From Discovery Channel - great significant content - on MediaBrief-1Recognizing that India, bustling with 1.3 billion people, there is huge pressure on resources and sustainable living that is leading to several environmental issues like air and water pollution, and those related to plastic and solid waste management, Discovery Channel, one of India’s most popular destinations for factual entertainment, and India’s most trusted brand in Factual Entertainment per the Brand Trust Report 2019, has premiered a four-part original docu-series ‘Planet Healers’ on 8th March, featuring eight of India’s most promising environment friendly start-ups which are innovating ways to pave a path to a sustainable tomorrow.

(We believe this is meaningful and highly significant content that has the potential to create great awareness and behavior change in society, and so even though it was launched on the 8th of march 2019 and we missed sharing this on its launch, we are glad to be able to make amends before the series actually runs out. You can catch an episode on 29th March at 7 pm, featuring a Pune-based startup Rudra – Editor)

Hosted by Bollywood actor Jim Sarbh, the series is a deep-dive into the journey of how these start-ups are working out innovative technology-led solutions to environmental hazards faced by our country.

“Planet Healers is not just a TV show; it is an attempt by Discovery to create mass awareness about environmental hazards faced by our country which will have significant long-term impact,” said, Zulfia Waris, Vice President, Premium & Digital networks, Discovery Communications India. “We have focused this series on individuals who have dedicated themselves to create innovative technology led solutions for the conservation and preservation of our planet. They are common people with uncommon ambitions and incredible self-belief who are making a difference.”

A WHO report says 9 of the 10 most polluted cities in the world are in India. The Ganges is amongst the 10 most polluted rivers in the world. Notably, India lost an average of 63 football fields-worth of forest land every day between 2014 and 2017. The country produces almost 1,00,000 metric tonnes of waste every day, so there is an urgent need for to find long-term sustainable solutions.

The selected startups being featured on the show are spread across India. One of them, the Pune-based Rudra, collects plastic waste such as bottles, bags, food pouches, wrappers, cable covers, etcetera from homes houses around the city and recycles it all into fuel, gas and sludge. The poly-fuel is a mixture of diesel, petrol and kerosene, with very high calorific value which can be used in boilers, furnaces, stoves, in agricultural firms etc.

Rudra will feature on the show on 29th March, at 7 pm, and its Co-Founder, Dr Medha, said, “It is a great honor and validation to be featured on Discovery Channel; a dream come true. The reach and prestige of Discovery is huge, and we are happy that we can reach out to many people across the globe through them. This will help us in creating awareness of our technology and effort.”

“A deer died after consuming plastic before our eyes. And that moment changed our life forever and gave us the resolve to start this fight against waste plastics. We can bring change only if we work collectively; and all it needs is a small action from each one of us,” she added.

Other startups featured Planet Healers on Discovery Channel include:

  1. Urban Kisaan, which empowers people to grow their own safe, fresh and high-quality food with the help of Hydroponic farming technique. 
  2. Absolute Water converts 17 lakh liters of sewage water into drinking water every day
  3. Saahas Zero Waste specializes in treating and recycling waste without disturbing the ecosystem
  4. NaMo E Waste is working towards not just recycling but also ensuring safe disposal of e-waste
  5. Afforest creates natural, wild, maintenance-free, native forests using Miyawaki technique
  6. Farm2Energy provides a robust and integrated biomass supply solution for the advanced bio-fuels and bio-power industries
  7. Chakr Innovation has created world’s first retro-fit emission-control device for diesel generators which can capture ,ore than 90% of particulate-matter emissions.

So emember to catch Planet Healers, a Discovery Channel Original on 29th March 2019, Friday at 7 PM only on Discovery Channel and Discovery HD World, and be inspired by the story of the Pune-based startup Rudra, which has created an innovative solutions to an environmental hazard that has the ominous potential to snuff out life from planet earth.

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