India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta, REHWA Society launch #MaheshwarMask movement


India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta, a Godrej venture- An omnichannel, retail, made-in-India brand offering home decor and lifestyle solutions has joined hands with the REHWA Society, an NGO supporting the handloom weavers of Maheshwar since 1972, to contribute to its grassroots community #MaheshwarMask movement that will aid in reviving this town’s economy. R

EHWA Society, which was involved in bringing back the intricacies of Maheshwar weaves and art back on wheels during the 1980’s, is now once again built a movement to sustain this weaving community during these uncertain times with the help of India Circus.

And, in order to kindle the spirit of Maheshwar’s economy, plus to help them become warriors using their own weapons, India Circus chose to help them produce their own range of sustainable and inexpensive cotton masks under REWHA’s care, these India Circus x REHWA masks will be triple-layered and exhibiting a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99.4%.

These will be made available for all to buy on and its stores and affiliates. Not to miss the intricacies these cotton masks would carry- Maheshwari weaves, fort motifs.

These India Circus X REHWA masks (a set of two in each) will be offered at a feasible price of INR 399/-, these masks will be made by the India Circus family using the handloom fabrics produced under REHWA’s care.

But, the question is would just the production of masks work, to aid the Maheshwar economy?
This seemed incomplete to the India Circus and REHWA family and thus they decided to sell masks made from these fabric at multiple kiosks in Maheshwar at a subsidized cost of INR 50/- so most can benefit from it, and simultaneously donating 1 mask to the approximately 5000 handloom weavers of Maheshwar, from this birthed the Buy 2, Donate 1 standpoint. Additionally, on purchase of a set of face masks, two in each, a third one would be donated back to the vulnerable weavers at Maheshwar.
To keep this journey ongoing, of aiding a town’s economy, India Circus decided to continue buying the Maheshwari fabric which will ensure an incoming revenue source for the town.
This assures everyone’s well-being at Maheshwar- by helping them abide by safety norms amidst the current pandemic, and also makes it less complicated for them by helping them resume work, all for a better tomorrow and moreover, by being a reason for an income source for the people of Maheshwar.

Krsnaa Mehta, Founder & Executive Director at India Circus – A Godrej Venture, said, “The holy grail of the #MaheshwarMask movement lies in the sentimental reasoning of supporting the ancient art of weaving and reviving the age-old Maheshwar economy. We, at India Circus, reiterate our promise of giving back to the society, and this will be accomplished through our association with the REHWA family.”

Yeshwant Holkar, scion of the royal Holkar family and current incharge of the REHWA society, said, “REHWA Society is delighted to join hands with Krsna Mehta and India Circus to create these beautiful and purposeful masks, which support Maheshwar’s handloom weaving community.

“The campaign helps us carry forward our 40 year old commitment to the weavers of Maheshwar, and get them back on their feet after a difficult Lockdown. We are extremely grateful to India Circus for their support of the MaheshwarMask campaign,” Holkar added.

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