IBF says DPOs must provide monthly subscriber reports wef February 2019 under NTO

image-IBF-says-Broadcastersw-will-invoice-DPOs-from-01Feb2019-MediabriefThe Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) has announced that its member broadcasters will begin raising invoices on Digital Platform Operators from the 1st of February 2019 in accordance with the provisions stipulated by TRAI under the New MRP Regime. It has requested all DPOs to provide their monthly subscriber reports (MSRs) as mandated under the New MRP Regime in respect of each of their subscribers on the duly notified dates, viz  7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of every month.

The IBF has clarified that its member broadcasters have executed the Reference Interconnect Agreements (RIOs) under the New MRP Regime with the DPOs, and have implemented the New MRP Regime effective 1st February, 2019, as mandated by TRAI. Thus, the IBF has said,  all DPOs are statutorily bound to adhere to the provisions of the New MRP Regime, and has DPOs to provide their MSRs as mandated under the New MRP Regime in respect of each of their subscribers.

The announcement from IBF follows TRAI’s press release of 12th February, 2019, in which TRAI has acknowledged that 65% of cable services subscribers and 35% of DTH subscribers have already migrated to the new MRP Regime. However, since a switch off will cause inconvenience to subscribers, TRAI has extended time up to 31st March, 2019 to those subscribers who have not yet migrated to exercise their choice.

“In view of this,” the IBF has said in a statement, “there may be some confusion amongst DPOs regarding the implementation of the New MRP Regime. Some of our member broadcasters have been receiving calls from some DPOs seeking clarification regarding submission of monthly subscriber reports (MSRs) and billing for the month of February 2019.”

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