Hyundai Motor and Discovery are releasing A Better Way, a series of documentary shorts which focuses on the pioneering spirit that enables technological breakthroughs in zero emission mobility. The series sees Swiss aeronaut, environmentalist, and Hyundai brand ambassador Bertrand Piccard explore the vision, reality, and perceptions around the zero emission mobility of the present and the future.

The episodes will be released across Discovery’s broad global network of brands and digital platforms from March 24 including distribution via NowThis, Seeker and Eurosport. The partnership will also see Eurosport and Hyundai Motor release motorsport content in collaboration with PURE ETCR – the world’s first all-electric multi-brand touring car championship, set to launch in June – which is organised by Eurosport’s event management and promotion division, Eurosport Events.

image-Michael-Cole-President-and-CEO-of-Hyundai-Motor-Europe-mdiabrief.jpgMichael Cole, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe, said, “Hyundai is truly a pioneer in electric mobility, including our research into fuel cell technology which began nearly twenty years ago. Today, the unrivalled diversity of our product line-up shows how our efforts have come to fruition.

“This documentary really showcases our pioneering spirit, focusing not just on our goals for the future, but also what we’ve already accomplished. With the great strides we’ve made in advancing zero-emission mobility, Hyundai has really proved that there is a Better Way to make progress,” Cole added.

image-Mike-Rich-Head-of-Sports-Marketing-Solutions-at-Discovery.jpgMike Rich, Head of Sports Marketing Solutions, at Discovery, said, “We’re pleased to join Hyundai and support the mission to shift the global perception of mobility by informing, educating and inspiring our audiences about state-of-the-art sustainable solutions, including electric and hydrogen vehicles, that are driving real change.

“Our partnership with Hyundai showcases the exciting future of clean mobility through engaging and entertaining original content that will be brought to viewers through Discovery global scale and portfolio of brands and platforms,” Rich said.

Hyundai leading the mobility revolution

The idea for the series came from a desire to inform and inspire people about the mobility revolution, with a particular focus on fuel cell technology – one of Hyundai’s biggest areas of expertise. The viewer has a chance to meet the creative visionaries driving forward electric mobility, learn about real-world applications of hydrogen fuel cell technology in Switzerland today, and have their perceptions challenged by encountering zero emission vehicles in one of the most demanding fields: high-performance motorsport.

The company partnered with Swiss environmental enthusiast and world-record holder Bertrand Piccard to tell the story through his expert perspective and to meet with other pioneers who share their vision.

image-Bertrand-Piccard-Swiss-aeronaut-and-environmentalist-mediabrief.jpgBertrand Piccard, Swiss aeronaut and environmentalist, said, “I’ve learned in my own life having a vision and the pioneering spirit is crucial but it’s nothing without action! If you’re trying to completely change the way of doing things, turning a revolutionary idea into reality, then you better get ready for a battle.

“I desperately want to witness the vision of a hydrogen society become a reality – to really move beyond the combustion engine, and fossil fuel dependency,” Piccard said.

Zero emission mobility: the vision, the reality, and the perception

The first episode is filmed in Lausanne, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva. It is also the home of the Solar Impulse Foundation, an organisation founded by Piccard dedicated to finding intelligent solutions to environmental problems. In this three-minute video, Piccard meets with the pioneers behind Hyundai’s future mobility revolution: Michael Cole, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe, and Dr.-ing Saehoon Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Fuel Cell Center at Hyundai Motor Group.

The episode begins with the visionaries sharing their thoughts on the energy future, and ends with Piccard taking a ride in the all-new IONIQ 5 around the stunning Swiss scenery – becoming the first person in Europe to test the ground-breaking new EV.

The second episode takes place in Gösgen, Switzerland, a small town which is playing a big role in the energy revolution. Piccard takes the viewer to visit a hydroelectric plant that is one of the first places in Europe to produce emissions-free hydrogen fuel.

For the third episode, Piccard travels to Monte Carlo, home to one of the most famous motorsport rallies in the world. There, he meets with Albert II, Prince of Monaco, to discuss how all-electric racing and PURE ETCR can change the perception of both electro-mobility and motorsport.

Michael Cole, said, “The mobility revolution will take broad coordination and cooperation. Together with our partners, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and visionaries, I’m proud of the role Hyundai is playing in shaping this clean future. We will continue to be a source of positive, revolutionary change throughout Europe and the rest of the world.”

The unique series is produced by Discovery’s Creative Brand Solutions team, which sits within its marketing offer to enhance content opportunities for international partners, and its Group Nine and Seeker brands. Discovery’s creative studio delivers new creative content together with some of the world’s biggest brands, helping them to connect with their audiences at scale in a deeper and more meaningful way.

It is directed by London-based documentary filmmaker Simon Waldron who has previously worked on projects for global mobility and tech brands including Ferrari, Jaguar, Uber and Google.