Pathkind Diagnostics, one of the fastest growing network of pathology labs in India, holding true to its core, released an ad that re-affirms its mission, and also beautifully showcases how it treats every individual of the Indian society as an equal.

The ad showcases the true ethos and commitment of each and every member of Pathkind family through its protagonist in the film who is shown as a phlebotomist. As he is heading home after finishing his hard days’ work to be with his family and celebrate his daughter’s birthday, he gets a call from his boss to collect an urgent sample. Without even thinking twice, he heads for the sample collection which leads him to a home where transgenders reside.

The protagonist is in for a bitter sweet surprise. The emotions in the narrative capture the stigma associated with the lives of transganders in our society and how beautifully protagonist deals with the situation and creates incredible memories for the self and the viewers by walking the extra mile, far more than the call of this duty, thereby bringing out the philosophy of Pathkind to give precedence to the human values more than anything else.

image-Sanjeev-Vashishta-MD-CEO-Pathkind-Diagnostics-mediabrief.jpgSanjeev Vashishta, MD & CEO, Pathkind Diagnostics, said, “This is our very first brand film and we wanted to make sure to get across the message that conveys who we are and what we stand for as a brand.

“We at Pathkind Diagnostics believe in equal healthcare access to all. We believe that no prejudice, bias or restrictions should stop any person from getting adequate healthcare service.

“Thus, to drive this message along we got the very versatile actor Anand Tiwari on board. We could have gone for a more traditional approach where we could have spoken out the number of offerings or a widely spread network.

“Instead we chose to redeem our commitment towards equality and inclusivity in a subtle manner and also walking the talk by making superior quality diagnostics services accessible to all,” Vashishta said.