Httpool unveils whitepaper on native advertising; reveals native ads on social platforms to be key growth drivers 


Httpool, an Aleph Holding company and the largest global partner of major media platforms, announces the launch of a Whitepaper on ‘Native Advertising – Why it continues to be a favorite.’

Native advertising is popular among brands and advertisers for many reasons. One is the click-through rates are much higher than typical advertisements, and engagement is usually more substantial.

This paper offers a glimpse into the current native advertising landscape by mapping current technical standardization efforts, identifying gaps, and recognizing the industry’s roadmap. It also provides readers with expected 2021 trends for native advertising space and expert opinions on the current native sector.

image-Pankaj-Jain-Partner-Director-Native-for-India-and-South-East-Asia-Httpool-mediabrief.jpgThe paper’s author, Pankaj Jain, Partner Director, Native for India and South East Asia, Httpool, said, “Having spent more than two decades in the digital space, one key the takeaway is that successful advertisers are those who talk to their customers. Throwing blatant ads in their direction is not the correct method.

“Native ads allow advertisers to build a connection with the user, and that’s what it’s all about. With this white paper, we are trying to walk you through the journey of Native Ads and why it will continue to influence,” Jain said.

Some of the trends for 2021:

  • Overall digital spending is expected to grow at a yearly rate of 34% globally. While Video ads dominance will continue for another five years, especially for creating awareness, Native ads will see tremendous demand from marketers and dominate across all the other user journeys for a brand.
  • Native ads on social platforms will be the key growth driver for native ads. It will be well supported by artificial intelligence and user preferences.
  • The recommended widget-led native ads market share will grow further as more publishers move away from traditional ad placements. Primarily because the revenues per 100 impressions that native ads fetch are much higher than other ad formats.
  • Use of Google Search native ads will continue to be used more out of need than a want. While this type of native ad spend is expected to grow, it will not be dominant compared to the others.

Read the full whitepaper: Here

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