Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash kickstarts 4th edition of ‘My First Pimple’ campaign


The Himalaya Drug Company kick-started the 4th edition of its flagship campaign, “My First Pimple”. The pan India campaign aims to encourage conversation around ‘pimples’ amongst teenagers and motivates them to focus on larger life goals without getting upset about physiological changes and skin-related concerns.

Conceptualized by Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash, a leading face wash brand in the country, the 22nd event of this campaign went digital this year. Renowned international fitness athlete, TEDx speaker, and entrepreneur,  Sonali Swami was the guest speaker for the webinar.


Focused on highlighting the importance of self-awareness building confidence and encouraging teenagers to positively tackle skin care challenges during their growing-up years, the digital event saw a participation of over 500 students from class 8 onwards, from three schools in Uttar Pradesh.

Image-Keerthika-Damodharan-Brand-Manager-–-Face-Wash-Consumer-Products-Division-Marketing-The-Himalaya-Drug-Company-MediaBrief.pngKeerthika Damodharan, Brand Manager–Face Wash, Consumer Products Division, The Himalaya Drug Company, said, “Research shows that teens lose spirit and avoid social gatherings because of pimples, and with various people giving multiple kinds of advice, teenagers tend to get confused while trying to get rid of pimples.

“Hence, there is a need, today more than ever, to start a conversation and talk about these issues that lead to a lack of confidence and belief in oneself. ”My First Pimple” is a platform that brings teenagers together to help them understand that pimples are just a part of growing up and everyone goes through this phase in their lives.

“Through ’My First Pimple’, we are reaching out to teens to normalize their emotions around pimples. The larger objective is to drive them towards their passion and dreams without getting distracted,” Damodharan said.

As a part of the campaign, The Himalaya Drug Company has brought on board many role models from different genres to inspire teenagers through real-life stories.

image-Sonali-Swami-fitness-athlete-entrepreneur-MediaBrief.jpgSonali Swami,  Fitness Athlete, Entrepreneur, said, “We all have experienced these changes and challenges during our teenage years. I am glad that Himalaya has chosen to address these issues as these concerns affect teenagers deeply.

“In my personal life too, I am tackling these issues with my two teenage children, constantly motivating them to move on confidently”.

“It’s important to keep pushing your limits and challenging yourself every day. Teenage is a challenging phase where the body undergoes many changes and the whole transition can often be very confusing. But it is a phase where our choices shape our personalities. Pimples are just a small part of one’s growing-up years, and there are bigger challenges that teens need to focus on,” Swami added.

Thus far, the campaign has traveled multiple states and covered over 22 cities, reaching out to about 5000 teenagers.

Pimples are just a small part of growing up and shouldn’t bring down the confidence of teenagers in any way. Through this campaign, Himalaya aims to further the efforts to encourage teenagers to take on new challenges, while Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash takes care of pimples. The initiative aims to inspire millions of teenagers to look beyond and chase their dreams confidently.

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