HEAL Foundation launches ‘Diabetes Blue Fortnight’ campaign


The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought a double blow to an estimated 77 million people with diabetes in India, which makes it the second most affected in the world. Restrictions during the pandemic have reduced physical activities, thus contributing to the increase in the incidence of diabetes. Coincidently, for the first time in 20 years World Diabetes Day & Diwali are falling on the same day — 14th Nov’ 2020.

Considering the need to inculcate awareness of the increasing rate of diabetes in India during COVID-19, HEAL Foundation is all set to launch Diabetes Blue Fortnight (DBF) from 1st – 14th Nov’ 2020 as a part of its COVID Fighters Public Health Safety Movement, which has just completed 200 days of its consistent furthering highly impactful health awareness movement.

Dr Swadeep Srivastava, Founder, HEAL Foundation, said, “As COVID-19 has stirred up the incidence of diabetes in India, and coincidently, World Diabetes Day — 2020 — Diwali are falling on 14th November, hence we appeal the masses via our Diabetes Blue Fortnight (DBF) 2020 campaign to celebrate Blue Diwali 2020 and make it purposeful and historic.

“Also, Public Health Experts & Diabetes Professionals are coming together to celebrate Blue Diwali 2020 — remarkable amity for a good cause.”

“As the first time in 20 years, World Diabetes Day & Diwali are falling on the same day, hence, to spread the awareness, we appeal the people to buy Blue colour light; light their houses in blue as part of Blue Diwali celebration because blue colour symbolises unity in the fight against diabetes, something akin to a blue sky uniting the world.

“Toward managing diabetes, awareness is true empowerment and hence, we would keep up the fight against diabetes by continuing our efforts in making India more aware and healthier. We appeal everyone to join this DBF campaign and help us convert this awareness into action. The DBF 2020 campaign is a part of COVID Fighters Public Health Safety Movement,” Srivastava added.

Spread over a fortnight (1st – 14th Nov’), Diabetes Blue Fortnight (DBF) 2020 is a step forward to inculcate awareness regarding the silent killer diabetes and to build a mindset for the revolution for diabetes awareness to eradicate the disease by roots from the entire nation.

With a vision to adapt a holistic approach to lifestyle management and Diabetes Control and to inculcate awareness of the disease, HEAL Foundation has appealed the people to celebrate Blue Diwali 2020 by calling to take the following actions into account:

  • Buy Blue Colour Light — this Diwali
  • Light your house in Blue — this Diwali
  • Click Blue Lighting pictures and share with the digital wall against Diabetes — this Diwali

Diabetes Blue Fortnight (DBF) 2020 is an amalgamation of sensitization activities spread across a fortnight to build-up the momentum for the masses to become aware of adopting preventive measures and to manage the increasing silent killer.

As a part of the DBF 2020 campaign, India CoviDiabetes eSummit is being organised on 5th Nov’ 2020 through 10th Episode of HEAL-Thy Samvaad to discuss the in-things of diabetes such as — COVID-19 and its role in aggravating diabetes onslaught, and innovation in diabetes management.

The eSummit will bring together a panel of eminent diabetes experts and public health experts who will discuss the issue at length to spread information amongst the masses about diabetes and its management during COVID times.

During the last six months of the COVID-19 scourge across the globe, it has come out that people with diabetes face much higher risks of severe illness or death if they contract COVID-19. In July, U.S. health officials found that nearly 40% of people who have died of COVID-19 had diabetes.

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