Hansa Research launches ‘IPLomania 2021’ to track brand performance during IPL

Image-Hansa Research launches 'IPLomania 2020' track brand performance -MediaBrief.jpg

The branding and advertisement scenario has undergone a complete overhaul during the last year, and many more brands are now being marketed in digital space. Now, with the IPL coming back, most brands must be eyeing to get themselves marketed during this period. We at Hansa Research, through our syndicated study IPLomania, delve in to how these brands can exploit the opportunity in a relatively new version of the IPL.

From a Marketing perspective, the revenue perception model will most certainly follow the learnings form the previous edition of the IPL. The 2020 marketing initiatives would still be fresh, both for the advertisers and the consumers. Brands can leverage this (and fine-tune their brand strategies) by recapturing the branding and advertising developments from IPL 2020.

The last edition of IPL (2020) saw a phenomenal increase in the number brands being advertised, which grew to 300+ (from ~120 in 2019). This year we are tracking all of those along with a few new brands that are expected to advertise in the 2021 edition.

The current market dynamics have diversified the category pool that usually advertises on the IPL platform. With a plethora of categories – E-Commerce, FMCG, Auto, E-Wallets, Alcohol, Gaming, OTT, Paints, Real Estate, Education, Smartphones, Telecoms, Electronic, Banking, Wires, Social Media, Oral Care – the clutter would be the most difficult to break this year.

Image-V-Sudarshan-Sr-Vice-President-Hansa-Research-mediabrief.jpgV Sudarshan, Sr Vice President, Hansa Research, said, “Last season saw a plethora of startups filling in for the usual IPL advertisers.  This season too we have some of them continuing.  The uplift that IPL gives to a brand is unparalleled and that is the main reason for this big pull.

“When contacted potential viewers of IPL last week, we noted that viewers are thrilled that the IPL is back in such a short period (6 months) and are waiting for the season to begin.  The fact that the viewers cannot participate on the ground was not a deterrent for them nor was the fact that their favorite team will not be playing on their home ground.”

IPLomania, with its consistent tracking of brands over the years, is uniquely poised to measure the returns on the advertising investments in terms of the recall of brands / ads. Since the research methodology has been unchanged over the years, it is the only source of comparative analysis for brands.

“The IPLomania subscription this year has been a big plus for Hansa Research too. A lot of brands want accountability for their IPL spends and are investing on research to answer their queries.  IPLomania this season promises not just the research findings but have tied up with partners to help ecommerce and digital players with their own and their competition app reach and usage behavior.  Along with this the study also help brands understand efficacy and visibility on their IPL team sponsorship spends,” Sudarshan also continued saying, added.