Godrej Group steps up to support fight against COVID-19 with support fund of Rs 50-crore

image-Godrej-Group-pledges-initial fund of rs 50 crore for COVID-19 fight-mediabriefStepping up in strong support of the India’s fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, the Godrej Group has launched a slew of initiatives and earmarked a fund of Rs 50 crore to support and relief

In a statement issued late last night, the group — which was established in 1897 and has its roots in India’s Independence and Swadeshi movement — said that it “stands in solidarity with the people of India and our Government’s efforts to overcome the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, which is impacting the lives of millions of people, and countries across the globe.

“We will try to the best of our capabilities to serve our customers, employees, communities and country, and especially support health personnel, government workers, and everyone working tirelessly to curb the spread of this pandemic,” the statement said.

'In solidarity with the people of India and our Government's efforts to overcome the Coronavirus pandemic', @GodrejGroup earmarks Rs 50 crore fund; begins slew of initiatives @narendramodi @PMOIndia Click To Tweet

It said that fund of Rs 50 crore earmarked for community support and relief initiatives is an initial outlay that it hops to supplement over time.

The fund will back some of the following initiatives underway focused on public health and essential supplies, as well as additional efforts in the months ahead:

Medical equipment and protective supplies

The group has started work on this in Maharashtra, which is among the most affected regions in the country with roughly 21% of total cases. This support will be extended to states as well.

So far, the group has been buying and supplying medical equipment and protective supplies for the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), to whom it has also donated Rs 5 crore for the ongoing efforts.  Also, 115 hospital beds have been donated to Maharashtra government hospitals, and a 75-bed quarantine center has been set up at the Seven Hills Hospital, Andheri

Product innovation and supplies

As the second-largest maker of soap in India, the Godrej Group has said it wiil do its best to ramp up “innovation and supplies to serve our country”.

“We recently launched the #ProtektIndiaMovement, a nationwide multi-media and multi-channel campaign to promote mass awareness around handwashing and public health,” the statement read. As part of this, the group has:

  • Supported the free distribution of 1 million packets of Godrej Protekt Mr. Magic powder-to-liquid hand wash (the world’s most affordable hand wash) in Maharashtra through partnership with the BMC and Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC)
  • Partnered with communities linked to the Godrej Group’s  CSR programmes to support 1.12 lakh beneficiaries across 8 states with hand wash, sanitisers and soap
  • Donated sanitisers to the Mumbai police force
  • Begun ramping up capacity to meet the demand for soap, hand wash and sanitisers
  • Initiated outreach through various networks and hand wash education programmes

The group’s leading furniture brand in India “is doing a lot of innovation in health care and hospital furniture, to create ergonomically designed healing environments,” the statement said. “We are directing specific efforts to help secure the health and safety of our nation. The BMC has enlisted us as providers of essential services and given the green signal for commencing factory and warehouse operations. We are actively collaborating with them to ensure we meet the demand requirements.”

The group is also exploring how it can leverage its medical refrigerators business, construction capabilities to build quarantine rooms, and expertise in mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for hospitals, “to serve our country at this time”.

Support at factories and construction sites

The statement said, “We are committed to supporting our contract labour and workers at factories and construction project sites.

“As one of India’s largest real estate players, we are particularly concerned about the acute problems being faced by migrant labourers. Towards this, we have initiated focused efforts:

  • Ensured that our project sites across 8 cities are being sanitised frequently, and have health screenings and adequate food and hygiene supplies
  • Set up isolation facilities at our labour accommodation and closely monitoring the needs of our people to ensure quick responsiveness.”

“We will continue to build on these efforts with safety, compassion, ideas and hard work (even if it is from afar), so that we can come out stronger on the other side.”

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