Rana Daggubati’s Ghost Kitchens launches Fulfilment Partner Program to open 1200 internet Restaurants 


Actor, producer, entrepreneur Rana Daggubati has a sharp eye for the right opportunities when it comes to his movies and business. After starting his successful business ventures, a digital content channel South Bay, the actor has now invested in Ghost Kitchens– a new-age internet restaurant company started in 2019, which helps celebrities/creators to launch their food brands and grows creator brands and its own brands.

Ghost Kitchens operates 4 company owned kitchens in Mumbai and fulfilment partners in Pune & Hyderabad.

The company has now launched a program called – Fulfilment Partner Program under which they’ll open 1200 internet restaurants aiming INR 200 CR. ARR in next 2 years. The brands will be licensed to existing Restaurants with under-utilised kitchen capacities having infrastructure to service a particular cuisine ; helping restaurants to earn incremental revenues and profits.

Ghost Brands will Provide BaaS (Brand as a service), SaaS(Software as a Service and SOPs as a Service) and FaaS (Food as a service) which will help the fulfilment partners to efficiently manage the business and control the quality of food.Ghost Kitchens has commitment of 150+ internet restaurants which will go live in next 3 months in cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and others.

Through this model, Ghost Kitchens plans to tie-up with 20 celebrities in the next 1 year and open 1000+ Internet restaurants. Rana, said, ”Ghost Kitchens is one of the new brands that has a strong and fresh vision towards their business. We hardly had any company that helped creators to launch their food brands.

Ghost Kitchens with their experience and ability is bridging that need gap in the market and I see a lot of credibility in their Fulfillment partner program and looking forward to see the company grow to its fullest potential.”

image-karan-Tanna-Founder-CEO-of-Ghost-Kitchens-mediabrief.jpgKaran Tanna, Founder CEO of Ghost Kitchens, said, ”Attrition rate in restaurants is very high, more so due to Covid. Ghost Brands program will help restaurants get additional profit by leveraging our brands, technology and back-ended menus.

“With the help of creators we can generate demand for our Fulfillment partners. There is a great value for all stakeholders in the cycle and hence we feel we can disrupt the restaurant industry,” Tanna added.