‘Get Well Soon India’, says Youva Stationery’s new campaign

As the country recovers from the second wave of the pandemic, it is necessary for everyone around us to take precautions and wish/hope for the recovery of the ones who are suffering.

To educate children about the effects of the pandemic and how it impacts us, Youva, the domestic stationery brand from the house of Navneet has launched a beautiful and heart-warming campaign “Get Well Soon India ” where kids are seen creating a ‘Get Well Soon’ card for the country.

This campaign brings out the innovativeness in children and at the same time spreads a positive social message targeted at generating health awareness. It is a well-known fact that the impressionable minds of young children catch on quickly, especially through creativity and imagination. With this social campaign, Youva wants to ensure the message is conveyed to one and all.

The campaign delivers a powerful message that defeating the novel coronavirus is our collective responsibility as a society and urges us to help India get well soon. It stresses the importance of wearing a face mask and washing or sanitizing our hands as frequently as possible. It also emphasises on not believing and spreading rumours and hearsay.

Lastly, it delivers the message that we must participate in the nationwide vaccination drive that is being conducted to develop immunity against the coronavirus.

The campaign was designed and produced by ANTS Digital Pvt. Ltd.

Abhijit Sanyal, Chief Strategy Officer and spokesperson of Youva,  said, “Youva, as a brand, was conceptualised keeping children and the youth in mind. Our brand philosophy is creation, this campaign creates hope for our fellow citizens who are suffering, stressed, and are losing self-belief in these testing times.

“As a brand, if we are able to create positivity and confidence through our communication then we will be able to say that we made some contribution in these trying times. We earnestly hope our message is as well received as our products,” Sanyal said.

Sanjay Arora, CEO, ANTS Digital Pvt. Ltd, said, “We created this film for our client to send a strong message to the public that to fight tough situations like the ongoing pandemic we need to be disciplined all the time. Social distancing, vaccination and wearing a mask is not only important but mandatory.

“The Youva of this country is wishing the very best to all and encouraging them to do the right thing.

“We wanted to highlight the heroes of the future, our greatest asset, our children. This film is a beautiful amalgamation of creativity with strong messaging. We hope our key message of maintaining safety protocols reaches people at large,” Arora said.


  • Cinematographer and directed by Shivam Garg
  • Scripted by Shruti Nayak
  • Social media managed by Priyanka Bhandari and Radhika Makhija