Fun2 App launches Green Room, Music Library, Face Filters to engage creators


Fun2 App, a sports and entertainment social media platform, is all set to take the social media experience to another level with the unveiling of its new features such as green room, music library, face filters, and more. The overhauling of the look, feel and features of the app is to enable creators to indulge in an immersive experience and create content to express themselves and their passion for sports.

Kewal Kapoor, Consultant Global Advisor & Creative Strategist, Fun2 App, said, “We are really excited to give our creators (user) something unique and engaging to play around with. Our focus is to make the experience more immersive while bringing the focus to not just entertainment but sports.

“Our focus is to become a predominately sports platform. With the new features, we expect an increase in the number of users especially sport lovers,” Kapoor said.

Fun2 App is a one-of-a-kind smartphone application redesigned to foster an entertainment platform for sports lovers.

Sidharth Rao, CTO based out of California, said, “you will soon see first India centric application that is globally competitive and uniquely different. He added, thing such as green room concept has never ever been used in short video application “