FlipShope reports 150,000 daily users on its platform


FlipShope is now being used by more than 150,000 people daily for grabbing the best online deals. FlipShope’s Google Chrome extension is a 5-in-1 extension powered by Artificial Intelligence.

With features like the auto-application of promo codes on 300+ websites, a price graph that lets you track price fluctuations of over 100 million products for the last three months, the reservation of products only available in flash sales, and a lot more, FlipShope is paving way for the next revolution in e-commerce.

Initially, the coronavirus pandemic was a health pandemic was but with the passage of time, it turned into a humanitarian crisis. In order to stop the further spread of the virus, the government has announced a lockdown in the entire country, and everything came to a standstill.

This became very hard for various businesses to survive as they faced a huge financial crisis. Due to this pandemic, numerous businesses went bankrupt, and some were closed as they could not take the burden of huge financial pressure. But Flipshope is a suitable example for the firm which was successfully able to wade through this pandemic.

This is only possible due to its transformation of the strategies and implementing numerous innovative ideas. The flipshope is a popular e-commerce platform that seems to provide users with discounts, coupons, etc. to purchase their desired products.

This coronavirus pandemic scenario proved the term survival for fittest. Those companies who were able to change their perspective and strategies were able to surpass this pandemic. Similarly, flipshope also surpassed this pandemic times and recorded growth despite being an e-commerce platform. The first step they used was to change their office style to a virtual office, in which all the employees were operating from their home. There was regular video conferencing among the employees to ensure that the work was done in a smooth manner.

The back-end employees had put their best efforts to ensure that there was no technical problem. In order to provide the customers with a superior experience, Flipshope did not compromise on quality and made every tool more user friendly on their website.

The founders of Flipshope instructed the marketing team to use new strategies for user engagement like blog posts, infographics, etc. Similarly, they also took the SEO-optimization tactics to a whole new level. Gaurav Kumar, the co-founder of Flipshope, utilized this excellent opportunity to take their organization to a new level. He said that Flipshope had used the opportunity to capitalize on every occasion, and thus he enforced new efforts to polish Flipshope like a diamond.

Flipshope had implemented the auto-apply feature in its extension to enable the users to have the ultimate shopping experience from more than 300 websites. Similarly, they had also used the price drop notification to enable the user to get notified on a price drop on their desired prices. Thus, this pandemic proved to be an excellent opportunity for Flipshope to excel.

Gaurav Kumar, Co-Founder, Flipshope, said, “I always believe in the philosophy, “It’s not about the results; getting the process right is the real deal.”

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